Become a Journeyperson Esthetican

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Tania Rice, Journeyperson Esthetician

Who am I?

Tania Rice.
Esthetician for over 9 years.
Journeyperson Esthetician for over 6 years
Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission- Trade board member, Curriculum and ExaminationBoard Member and Trade /Examiner- over 4 years

Where do you start?

Are you nervous about applying for the journeyperson program in Saskatchewan? Don’t be.  I know all the forms and details can be confusing so I have tried to lay it all out here in plain English.⇓

How to Navigate the Journeyperson Application for Estheticians in Saskatchewan

We also have a free e-course on how to apply for your Journeyperson exams.

What can you expect when walking into the written exam and what study guides are available?

This study guide will help you with the Written Journeyperson Esthetician Exam

We have study resources too! These educational resources have been created by the Esthetician community of Saskatchewan.

6 Easy ways to grown and maintain your online presence-Esthetics Technical Training Manuals


We also have an e-course on how to pass your Journeyperson Esthetician Skincare Practical!

Pass your Journeyperson esthetician skin care exam on the first shot

This is a lot of information to take in.  Take your time and read it over.  If you know anyone else who is thinking about going for their Journeyperson’s share this page with them!