Free graphic training course for Canva

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Free graphic training course for CanvaFree graphic training course for Canva

Are you struggling with social media designs and business graphics?

I get it.  I have no professional training yet I am able to create hundreds of designs for my business for next to nothing.  Do you want to know my secret?

Free canva training course


Free Canva Training course


Why you should try the free Canva Training Course:

•No need to hire a graphic designer anymore

•Boost your social media engagement with professional images

•Create your own business stationery

•Create professional images for your own website

•Save valuable time 

•It’s FREE

•It’s EASY


All you need is a FREE Canva account and take this FREE Canva Training course that I recommend.

Why I recommend this course

One of the first things I love about this course is that Kara shows you how to design your graphics in an easy to understand, plain English way.  Canva makes it pretty easy to create graphics but Kara shows you some handy tips and tricks to get started.

There are also videos in the course!  I had scrolling a reading.  I like watching how someone does something step by step! It makes it easy to remember.  

At the end of the course, there is a little bonus but you have to click on the last lesson to access it (It’s totally worth it).

I swear it’s so easy.  My 14-year-old has been using this system for 3 years now!

By learning how to DIY your own graphic designs you can save hundreds of hours, dollars and boost your social media and online presence.  Canva is also awesome for creating business cards, gift certificates and so much more.


Check out this free design course!

While you are there check out some of the other free and paid courses that are offered.  And once you are done the Free Canva training, go to the section called “wrap up” for access to the free design library by Simplifying DIY  Design!!  (You will get tons of editable Canva templates and other business freebies!


If you are looking for specific clip art or photos that you can’t find to use in your new Canva designs then check out this post HERE.