Free graphic training course for CanvaFree graphic training course for Canva

Are you struggling with social media designs and business graphics?

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I get it.  I have no professional training yet I am able to create hundreds of designs for my business for next to nothing.  Do you want to know my secret?



When I first wrote this post, I shared an online course to help you start with Canva. Since then, Canva has changed a lot.

The easiest way to keep this information up to date is to share this information from the actual source. (Canva)

Free graphics programs
Why you should get a free Canva account:

•No need to hire a graphic designer anymore
•Boost your social media engagement with professional images
•Create your business stationery
•Create professional images for your own website
•Save valuable time
•It’s FREE
•It’s EASY


I swear it’s so easy. My 16-year-old has been using this system for three years now!

Awesome graphics program that is perfect for salons and spas
So how do you get started?

First, sign up for your free graphics program account here. If you think you might use Canva every day just, go ahead and get the pro account. It’s worth every penny.

Spa and salon social media graphics

Start with templates:

These are key to starting. If you are now sure how to design your promotional materials, click on templates.

Here I started with Instagram posts. I changed the colour to pink since my brand is pink.

You can scroll down and get plenty of templates to begin with.

Click on the template you want to use.

Tip: The templates that have a $ sign are for members who have a pro account. But you can start with a free one.

It will take you to a page that will allow you to start editing your images.


Go crazy, play around and have fun.


Once you’re done and ready to take on a little more, go back to the home page. Click the learn button at the top and pick all the tutorials and courses you are interested in.

See how easy it is?

I am in love with canva, and it has been one of my best investments.

Free training courses (Sign up for Canva first)

Canva 2.0 Quick Start-Simplifying DIY Design

Paid tutorials

Confidently Canva– Simplifying DIY Design



Canva has started to offer printing services!  Check it out!