Guest bloggers wanted

Guest bloggers wanted

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I would like to expand the blog and am looking for a few industry professionals who are interested in sharing their stories or advice with other industry professionals and newbies.

You don’t need any experience in blogging to apply. Just send me an email with a little intro about yourself and the blog topic you’d like to write about. Also, include a profile picture and your website.

Topics of interest:
A day in the life of a student.
How to choose a good industry school.
What challenges you had when you opened your business and how did you overcome them.
The importance of continuing education.
Your favourite industry websites or podcasts that you think would help other people grow their business.
Tips to build your business.
Tips to have a keep business running.
Or any other topics you think are important.

I can’t guarantee everything will get published and I may put together some collaboration pieces.
If you are interested please email me at