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How to boost holidays sales in your salon or spa

So the big holiday season is comingĀ up.Ā  What are you going to do to blow your sales through the roof?Ā Here are a few tips for the holiday season to get you ready for your biggest sales month of the year.

How to celebrate in the salon or spa

Decorate the salon tastefully and not too much. Stick to a non-religious theme. Keep the display area well lit. Keep the holiday season music to a minimum. People get a little sick of all the holiday spirit after a while.

Keep plenty of fresh hot chocolate, cookies, tea and coffee on hand. If you can, invest in water bottles with your company logo on it. Buyers get hot and thirsty when they are shopping. If you can, keep them in your space a little longer.


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Should you have a party?

You can have a little party to celebrate the season but chances are your clients might be a little partied out.Ā  It’s a busy season.Ā  Putting all your resources into one night is a little risky.

Why not host a month-long event leading up to Christmas.Ā Ā This way you can test out how to boost holiday sales in your salon or spa. By doing this over time you’ll be able to work out what works and what doesn’t work in your business.

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How to get more sales:

ā€¢Ensure your staff is well trained on what promotions you are offering and ask them to mention it to clients they are working on.


ā€¢Have business cards with a list of promotions coming up and give one to every client and staple them to every receipt.


ā€¢If you are solo or have a small spa and don’t have a receptionist consider booking a few extra blank time slots during your day to spend time with clients selling them retail or gift certificates.

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Use social media to get buyers in the door

ā€¢Use email. One of the easiest ways to get the word out about your promotions is your email list!Ā  Send out an email blast to your client list with all of the promotions you will be running that month.


ā€¢Use targeted ads on Facebook and Twitter with your promotions.


ā€¢Create an event page on Facebook and ask friends and family to share

Set up your salon for holiday promotions


Make more sales with these easy retail ideas

ā€¢Organize the gift shop by dollar value and signĀ it that way. (gifts under $10 $20 $50 and so on)


ā€¢Put together little gift baskets in a variety of themes and price points.


ā€¢Have plentyĀ of under $5 items right next to the till to upsell.


ā€¢Make sure all retail products have a little waterproof sticker on the back with your logo and “if you would like to repurchase this item please contact us at …(insert your website)


ā€¢Offer a small discount when the purchaser spends over $100, $150 or $200 on products


ā€¢Hole punch a holeĀ in the gift certificates and tie a ribbon around it to hang on the tree.

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Make more sales with gift certificates

Make sure gift certificates are easily purchasableĀ on your website! For clients wishing to purchase them over theĀ phone, you could even offer to put them in a card with a handwritten note to the recipient and mail it for them for a more personal touch.


We’ve written a really detailed blog post on gift certificates that you should take a couple of seconds to look over.”Ā Why you need to seel more gift certificates at your salon or spa”

Client gifts for the special clients who help build your business

For my top 10 clients (clients who spend the most on services and retail or refer the most people to me) I give them unlimited amounts of $10 promo cards,(Valid on full-priced service but not to be used with any other discount) to hand out to friends and family.Ā  I make them valid during a slow month.

These are my favourite gift to give to clients


Tell your gift-giver, ” Your such a fantastic client! Thank you so much for helping me grow my business! Here are 10 – $10 off promo codes to give to some of your friends! (point to the valid from part of the coupon) Make sure to tell them to call the salon and book it. Because it is valid only during this time. And keep one for yourself to use!

The week before Christmas

ā€¢Send out an email reminding clients about your holiday hours.Ā  Include a link to the online gift certificate retailer.


ā€¢Enlist the help of staff and friends to share your holiday promotions online.


ā€¢Keep plenty of snacks and refreshments on hand for yourself and staff.


If you looking for ideas for small staff gifts or client gifts we have another blog postĀ Client and Staff gifts


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