The #1 business booster you can’t live without

The #1 business booster you can't live with out -Smart Start Consulting is an innovative business dedicated to helping businesses increase their potential.

Want to know my #1 business booster?


Online scheduling.  

One thing I was excited about when setting up my own business was that I would get to control the phone. It gave me anxiety when other people booked clients with me. I was worried that they were not booking the proper services, up selling add-on services or writing down the wrong appointment times.


I have a rule that I never answer the phone when a client is in my room. So, I was constantly returning phone calls. I was losing potential new clients because of annoying games of phone tag. I toyed with the idea of getting an online scheduling program for a long time but I was scared of handing appointment control over to my clients. There is a specific way I like to book, and I did not think that a software could replicate it.  

When I started my research I had a long list of “things” that the program needed to be. Easy, quick, and effortless were the top 3 most important requirements.

Thankfully, most online scheduling companies had free trials, but it was tiring having to re-enter information into them over and over. Then, one day I found my game changer.


Schedulicity, It was by far the easiest to navigate. And they had a ton of videos to help you set it up. Did I mention the price was way cheaper than what you would expect a program to be (about 21 bucks a month)


After it was all set up I invited a few regular clients to give it a try. They loved that it easy was and convenient. No more phone tag.  

I was so excited that I saved time in my day by not booking appointments I didn’t even realize the other ways Schedulicity was improving my business. I didn’t know it but the online booking was a “selling feature” when it came to new clients pick me over another esthetician.

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact is one of our favorite business boosters

People loved the convenience of booking anytime or anywhere. In just a couple of months, clients who only came for an eyebrow wax were starting to book pedicures or facials. It was so easy for them to pull up their schedule and my schedule and find times that work.
The other functions I liked was one click social media blast and the deal managers. I was able to run sales on certain services and with a click of a button share it on my twitter account and facebook account. Without even trying, my business increased by 50%. That more than paid for my online booking program. If you are interested in giving it a whirl click this LINK to be directed to Schedulicity. If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask me!