Pedicure area supply list


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Pedicure areas supply list

So you want to redesign or set up a new pedicure area in your salon or spa, but there are so many decisions.



This post will share some of the best pedicure supplies and where to buy them.



This blog post is part of a series of designing your new workplace. It features a variety of decor and product ideas and Free printable pedicure area supply checklist. a printable supply list.



Let’s check it out…

Best selling pedicure supplies


Pedicure station-There are various types of pedicure stations that you can invest in. Pedicure benches, pipeless chairs, lay-down pedicure areas, and massage chairs are just a few styles you can choose from.


Pedicure Bowl: Depending on the station’s style, there are a variety of pedicure bowls. Make sure to choose one that has liners (which are very easy to clean) or that you can sanitize easily.


Pedicure chairs & bowls that need plumbing 



Pedicure chairs & bowls that don’t need plumbing

Pedicure area Accesories

Towels:  I chose to purchase towels that are a different colour specifically for pedicures. I found that spa professional towels last the longest and are a perfect size.


Pedicure trolleys-Another essential piece of furniture for your pedicure area is a trolley. It is necessary to have one on wheels that can roll around with you as you move on your chair.


Foot Rests-If you choose a stand-alone chair, investing in a footrest is worth investing in. This helps ease the esthetician’s back strain. Adding something like this to your daily routine will pay off in the long run.

Esthetician Chairs-Check the heights of the chairs. You want to make sure you can sit properly and put your knees under the client’s feet or at the pedicure station. If you find some of the wheels are sticky or jam up, you can usually purchase wheels separately and just change them out.

Garbage can– Small garbage cans attach to trolleys that are handy for pedicures, but you should also have an easy-to-clean larger can for the whole room.


Light blanket/ extra pillows– Clients will be ultra-comfortable with a nice soft blanket that is easy to wash on top of them.

Towel warmer– A towel warmer is usually necessary for a spa providing spa pedicure services.

Paraffin pot–  Paraffin dips are an excellent way to upgrade your pedicures.

Product Backbar– If you are new to the industry and do not have a large client base, consider purchasing sample-size or small-size products. Once you get busier, you can judge which products you will go through the most and can buy in large sizes. This keeps the product fresh and less likely to expire.



Assorted sundries: spatulas, brushes, measuring spoons, cotton, sponges, aprons,  implements

Pedicure area accesories



Decor: Remember soothing music, posters, LED candles, aromatherapy infusers, pillows, a warm neck wrap, and a small water fountain.



Essential tips:


•Remember that some pieces can be used in other parts of the salon


•Invest in the best quality items you can afford


•Save your receipts


Most Forgotten Spa Necessities:






Social media plan


Extra certifications


Print your pedicure area/station supply list

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