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8 ways to prevent no show clients

8 way to prevent no show clients


How many no-shows do you have in a week? 3 or 4? Don’t you think that is 3 or 4 too many? 


In this day and age, there is no reason that someone can not give you the courtesy to call, text or email to let you know that they will not make their appointment. So why do they still miss appointments? And how do you prevent no-show clients?

Add your cancellation policy to your business cards.

Some clients don’t understand that you are not getting paid when they are not sitting in your chair or on your bed. That is why we must communicate with clients the importance of respecting our time. This can be really uncomfortable, but it still needs to happen. So how do you do this?

8 way to prevent no show clients

Start right from the beginning when you’re opening your business, then it will be a lot easier to implement. If you are just implementing a policy, it will take some time to get your clients used to some ideas. There are also subtle ways that you can communicate with your clients about your policy.

Collect a credit card number

•When booking an appointment, collect credit card information or a deposit for services. Remind clients that if they fail to show that you will follow your cancellation policy.

Prevent clients form no shows

•Have a notice right on your business card. Keep it simple and to the point.

Put a statement on your receipt

State your policy on your till receipt. State it in bold right under your business contact information.

State you policy on your cell phone

• Always state your cancellation policy when you book your clients by telephone or by online booking. There is nothing wrong with reminding new clients and return clients of your policy.

Post a notice by your till

• Post a notice at your till or station. You can purchase an inexpensive poster on Zazzle

Add your policy to your email

•When sending out your email promotions, make sure to add a little blurb at the bottom, reminding clients of your policy. 

•Have your policy posted on your social media accounts as well as your website and price lists. Even just a simple reminder that you have a cancellation policy can be enough to remind your clients to respect it.

send out automatic reminders

•Set your online scheduling up to send out automatic appointment reminders. Make sure your policy is clearly stated in the reminder.



So what happens after a client doesn’t show up?
That’s up to you. I personally take each situation into consideration.

Add your cancellation policy to all of your social media accounts

Did the client call one hour before saying she can’t leave the toilet? Did she call 6 hours before and explain that her child is throwing up? Or did the client just not show up altogether with no phone call or notice.

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In my own case, no-shows happen rarely, but when they do, I give the client a call. I think about what I would feel like in the situation of the client. If it’s “Oh, I just forgot,” and it’s a consistent problem with that client, then I charge the fee. But if it’s a real-life situation and never happened before with that client, I usually let it slide. ONCE. After that, I send out a notification to the client that they failed to follow the policy. I give them the option to pay with their credit card or cash.
Collect a credit card number to prevent no show clients

If you set yourself up at the beginning with a firm policy and an appointment reminder system, you shouldn’t really have to worry about now shows. Good luck!

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