Wholesale Spa Supplies

Several years ago, an esthetician veteran gave me here secret to fining wholesale spa and salon products. I have saved a ton of money ordering cheap salon supplies.

If you are looking for nail salon supplies, hair salon supplies, facial supplies, day spa supplies, and more, read this post.

wholesale spa supplies

Do you ever order spa or salon supplies direct from China?

I know it sounds risky, but I’ve been ordering from them for 6 years! It’s hit or miss, and sometimes the packages just don’t ever show up (you can get a refund). But the savings are worth it. 


They have a pretty good money-back guarantee.

Get products and supplies for super cheap

Find new products that haven’t been at hid in America (Yet)


Doing the research to find quality products

Shipping can take forever


Overall I’ve been very happy.  You will kind of have to pick through it, but there are some really great deals on retail products or client gifts.


If you look on Amazon you will see a ton of these items.  People buy from Aliexpress and resell the items on Amazon.


Look familiar? Look at the price difference.  If you don’t need the items by a certain time, why not cut the middle mad and order direct?

This is what the site looks like:

Ordering supplies from aliexpress


It’s pretty easy to set up an account and navigate around it. But be warned,  there are millions of items and you can fall down a hole and spend all day on it. 

Here are a few things to look out for:

Example of ordering salon and spa supplies


Always check the top of the page positive feedback.  I don’t usually order from anyone who has less than 95%.

Check the rating of the item and scroll down for reviews.  This will give you a better idea of the quality of the product.

If you decide you like the item, add it to your cart.  Then go to the store to see if the seller has any other items that you might like.

These are some of my best purchases:


6pcs Cartoon Mini Hand Sanitizer- Order your salon retail supplies from this supplier

6pcs Cartoon Mini Hand Sanitizer

5Set Breathable Face Mask With Filters- Get wholesale salon and spa maks supplies

5 Set Breathable Face Mask With Filters

Men's leather bracelets

Men’s leather bracelets

12 pieces lot Tree of Life Charm Bracelets

12 pieces lot Tree of Life Charm Bracelets


Natural Stone Beads Bracelet

Natural Stone Beads Bracelet

These are some of my favourite categories:



Salon Aprons

Nail Files

Jewelry display

Hand Sanitizers Keychains

Wholesale Jewelry

Book mark this page because as I get more coupons I’ll add them.