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Five ways to gain new clients for next to nothing


You probably agree that it is challenging to find new clients when you are a new stylist or esthetician in the competitive beauty industry.  How can you get clients into your shop? I want to share with you some of the successful ways some beauty professionals get their clients in the door.


Let’s dive in…



The Internet

Invest in a website, Facebook page, Tiktoc, Instagram account etc. These are just the basics–you need to put yourself on the internet. They do not have to be fancy to start with. Set up all your accounts with all your business information. If you are looking at posting ideas, start with this popular blog post: Social media post ideas for businesses.



Hand delivering mail

Walk into every business within a 10-block radius of your new business. Bring a stack of business cards and flyers. Introduce yourself and ask if you can hand them out to the staff or leave them with the manager to do so. Include discount cards. $10 off your first service can be an incentive to get them in the door.



Cross-promote with a successful and established business

Make sure the business compliments your business. For example, if you are a hairdresser, offer to give all the clients of your local massage therapist discount cards for your services.


Or set up a door prize in their office to give away a product or a gift certificate. The massage therapist can tell their clients, “Anyone who books a massage this month will receive $10 off haircuts with (insert your name here)” It gives them something to give to their clients and promotes you simultaneously.



Get online booking

This is key! Clients want convenience. They want to be able to book an appointment anywhere or at any time. It’s really easy to set up, and you don’t even need a website! Make sure your online profiles (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.) have a direct booking link!




Business cards

Yup!  They are still a thing.  Now you can even try digital business cards. Give every client 3 of your business cards. Write their name on the back and tell them for every new client they refer to you, you will give them a $10 gift certificate for your services.


Word of mouth is the best way to gain new clients. This gives your regulars an incentive to talk you up and bring the clients to you.




You can be successful if you are diligent. The clients are out there. You will have extra time as a new stylist or esthetician, nail tech, lash tech, etc. Use the time to find clients. You have to put time and hard work into it.



So now you have new clients. How are you going to hold on to them?
You can increase service value or try a loyalty program!