Cancellation Policies and Notices


If you have ever had a full day booked at the salon and had 1 person not show up, you know how mad it can make you. That customer booked a valuable spot in your day and couldn’t be bothered to show up or even call to cancel or rebook the appointment. It’s happened to everyone in the spa and salon industry.


Cancelation notice for salon or spa plaque

Many clients do not realize that you are not getting paid if no person is sitting in your chair. This is why it’s crucial to have a policy.  



Below we will give you examples of the policy wording, how to share your policy and where to get professionally printed ones for an excellent price.

Customizable cancellation poser for estheticians, nail techs, lash techs and more

•Want to know how to reduce your no-shows?

Have a good policy set in place. Ideally, you would have one set up at the beginning of your business or career. But even if you never had one from the beginning of your business, it’s time to implement one.



NOTE: While both canceled and cancelled are acceptable for the past tense of cancel, the version with one L is more common in American English, while the version with two L’s is more common in British English.

Cancellation Notices for lash techs, nail techs, estheticians and more

•Here are a few cancellation policy wording ideas:

~We know things come up. Please give 24 hours’ notice when cancelling your appointment.


~We value your time and ours. Please give 24 hours’ notice when cancelling appointments.


~Appointments cancelled within less than 24 hours may be subject to a fee if we can not fill the spot.


~Please allow 24 hours when cancelling appointments for us to fill your appointment slot.


•How do you share your cancellation policy with clients?


You can add the policy to the waiver and make the clients sign it before their appointment.


Add your cancellation policy to your till receipts.


Post your policy on social media.


Have the receptionist read the policy to clients who are booking over the phone.


Send out the policy on a client email blast.


Post the policy in common areas and workstations at customer eye level.


Put a sign at the desk right where clients book their appointments.


Add the policy to your websites.


Post a policy notice on the back of the bathroom door.

Cancellation notice for salon or spa pedestal sign

•Where to get premade cancellation policy notices

We have teamed up with a printing partner with whom we have fallen in love. They have excellent quality printing services at a reasonable price. They have a variety of styles of signs and posters that are premade.



You can edit the premade templates or start from scratch and make your own.



Cancellation policies are an essential investment in the service-based industry. Once you have posted your policy throughout your business, clients will start to understand the importance of showing up for an appointment.  


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