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Spa insurance for estheticans, nail techs, and other small businesses

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Having business insurance is vital for the safety of the business and the business owner. Many people who work in a spa or own a spa may not realize that having insurance is vital for the safety of their career. A spa or salon is a service industry, and many clients will expect remarkable service with zero flaws.


On the chance that a worker or owner in a spa makes a mistake, they need to make sure they are protected from any act of retaliation a client could make. If you are an esthetician, hairdresser, nail tech, massage therapist or salon/spa owner, then it is a good idea for you to have insurance.

Have you protected yourself with spa business insurance?What is Salon or Spa Insurance?

Salon owners insurance is insurance for people who own a small salon or small beauty business. There are both professional and general liability insurance programs. Spa insurance plans are for spas that have lots of employees that are performing multiple services.  With a larger establishment, it is recommended to purchase both professional and general liability insurance

•Professional Liability

A professional liability plan will protect the salon from any claim made against their company. These types of plans help protect a business from clients who claim that the salon owner or worker made a mistake when no mistake was made. Professional liability plans can also help protect a business if they were to accidentally lose a client’s personal information.

•General Liability

General liability insurance can protect your salon from claims regarding personal injury, medical fees, or property damage. People can easily get hurt in any business setting, but especially in salons where tools and chemicals are often used.Affordable graphics for your business

Why You Need Salon or Spa Insurance

Accidents and mistakes are bound to happen in any business. Spas and salons are not exempt from things going wrong. Even if all of the workers and owner have excellent training and intentions, they could still mess up, and it is essential to be protected.

Sometimes an employee could be following all of the protocols, and things could go wrong. For example, after giving a facial, an esthetician asks a client if they can use a new lotion on their face and reads the ingredients to them. The client says yes, and the esthetician applies the cream. The client has an allergic reaction to the lotion because she was unaware that they were allergic to one of the ingredients.

Here, the esthetician has not done anything wrong, but the client could still attempt to sue the salon or the esthetician due to the distress caused by the allergic reaction. You never know if a client is just going to complain about your salon, write a bad review online, or actually take these complaints to court.

Hopefully, you will never have to deal with a lawsuit, but it is safe to be smart and get insurance to protect your salon or spa.

Why type of insurance does a self-employed or home-based business need?

The kind of things that insurance covers depend on the type of insurance that is purchased. You should also check with regulations that your city office or health inspector may require.

Professional liability insurance will cover things such as alleged negligence, loss of personal information, defence costs, and claims and damages. There are a lot of situations that occur that would need protection from any of those things.

General liability insurance will cover things such as bodily injury, damage to others property and medical expenses. Both types of insurance will help keep your business protected. It really depends on your policy provider.  They should provide you with a detailed list of what your insurance covers.

Our recommendation for Spa Insurance

Over the years of having this blog, we were able to develop a relationship with a variety of partners.  One of our most valuable partners is Hiscox Small Business Insurance.  They provide general and professional liability insurance tailored for service industry professionals. Hiscox offers professional service businesses a new way to buy small business insurance online in minutes.

You can take a look and get a fast free quote by visiting the Hiscox website.

Esthetician Insurance

As an alternative,  you could also purchase insurance through your local insurance agency.


No salon or spa is perfect, and you should expect that mistakes and accidents are going to happen. You should also understand that as your business is not perfect. Neither are all of your clients. Some of your clients may be more understanding when things go wrong compared to others, and you need to be prepared for any circumstance. Keep your business safe with salon or spa insurance. Paying for the insurance will be a lot better than paying the fees of an expensive lawsuit!

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