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Nail Polish Rack Ideas

What do you do when you have hundreds of bottles of nail polish? If you need to store or display your nail polish, there are a variety of options here.

Types of nail polish racks

Wall-mount racks are great for saving space. Be sure to check the weight restrictions, as you might need to purchase specialized hardware to hang them on walls.

Desktop racks can hold much more weight, but you need space to display them.

Spice racks can also make nail polish display racks!

Buying tips:

No matter which style you choose, always check what size nail polish bottle they hold!

Also, make sure that you can clean them with acetone (accidents do happen).

Make sure you know how many polishes you have to display.


Hidden Nail Polish Storage

So what happens if you don’t have counter space or wall space but you have drawer space? You can buy samplers to paint.  Then store the polish bottles in a cupboard, basket or drawer.

These are some of my favourite nail polish storage racks

More awesome ideas!

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