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Health & Sanitation information for salons and spas

By far, one of the most asked questions when opening a salon and spa in Saskatchewan is: What are the rules I need to follow when opening a salon or spa in Saskatchewan?


There is no easy answer to this one. It isn’t very clear.


Businesses have been receiving conflicting information as to what you need to follow or don’t follow. Part of the problem that I am seeing is that the rules aren’t defined properly, especially for those who work from home. 


I have found some information, and I am happy to share it!

Health & Sanitation information for salons and spas

Why should we put spa & salon sanitation disinfection and sterilization at the top of our continuing education?

Public health and safety is the top priority of our job and is fundamentally the most significant aspect of our work.


Anyone who has basic training can provide a service or apply a set of acrylic or gel nails, but if you are using unclean implements or practices, those services can cause an infection or, worse, death.

Saskatchewan Health & Sanitation information for salons and spas

We must educate our clients so they know that we have the highest standards for the cleanliness of our work. To do that, we must educate ourselves and the clients to follow the standards for sanitation, disinfection and sterilization.

How clean is your salon or spa?

“Sanitation and infection control are some of the first things we learn in beauty school, and for good reason! It is crucial to have an understanding of the different kinds of infections you may come across, in order to protect yourself and the client. Clients rely on our knowledge and professionalism and trust us with their health, so we must abide by the law by giving them the best treatment without taking shortcuts.”- Dermascope ( by  Dasha Saian, L.E.)

Starting a home based esthetics business


Saskatchewan Specific:

Public Health Inspectors-Regina 306-766-7755


Saskatchewan Personal Service Facility Best Management Practices


Spa & Salon Sanitation, Disinfection, and Sterilization-Authored by  The Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC), Damaris Terleski, Nove Salon & Esthetics Wholesale Ltd, and Veronica Lynne-Swirsky


Invasive Personal Service Facilities -Government of Sask 


Opening a Personal Services Facility -Saskatchewan Fact Sheet


Spa & Salon Sanitation, Disinfection, and Sterilization



We must prioritize the cleanliness of salon and spasOther Sanitation Resources:

IPAC Canada-

Guidelines, policies and standards that Infection Prevention and Control professionals may use to support their own documentation and best practices.


Pro Beauty Services and Infection Control in Canada

Provincial Health Authority Standards Infection Control for the Pro Beauty Industry


Resources from Virox-

Guidelines by Market Segment


Something to Talk About: Washing Hands

Article about hand hygiene



Product literature and guides


Checklists and Cleaning Logs

Pedicure Cleaning Log

NMC’s Pedicure Equipment Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures for Nail Technicians

Bonus: Test your knowledge!

Milady Sanitation Exam Review

Cosmetology – Infection Control: Principales And Practice

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