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Essentials for starting your home-based esthetics business

Top items you need to start working from home and where to get them

Here’s the deal.

When you are just starting your business, it can be overwhelming to think about the number of supplies that you need for starting your home-based esthetics business. It can also be daunting to think about the money you have to initially spend.  


I’ve been there.  I know what it’s like to have those feelings so I want to help guide you on your journey.  Some important things to remember are:


Keep every receipt for your accounting and taxes. Have an envelope to keep the receipts in.  If it’s an online purchase make a special file on your desktop to move the receipts into.


You should still price shop and compare it to your local supplier.  I do want to advocate that you should try to shop local but a lot of estheticians who are starting in small towns can’t always drive to the local supplier.  Some suppliers do deliver so keep that in mind too.  Free handout


Items that some estheticians forget!

You need business insurance before you start your business

Business Insurance– It is crucial!  you need to protect yourself, your business and your clients.  We highly recommend Hiscox Insurance.  It’s very easy to set up and surprisingly inexpensive! Accounting software for your esthetics business

Accounting Software– Get started on the right foot with easy use accounting software.  Check out FreshBooks Features.

Website- We are in love with Bluchic  (Check out their FREE Email Course – Launch Your Dream Website) or you can even try Weebly (Prices start at $0)

Why I bought Prime

 I also want to mention if you plan on purchasing regular products from Amazon you might want to invest in a Prime Membership.  While I don’t purchase professional products from Amazon, I do purchase a lot of equipment and disposables and it is really helpful to get the times delivered in 2 days with free shipping!

Some items may not be available in your country. If an item is not available, I may have substituted it.

Essentials for starting your home-based esthetics business


A good desk that fits you correctly is essential to doing business. When choosing a desk, keep in mind the storage options.  If you don’t have a lot of storage in your new workspace look at a desk with a lot of cupboards and storage. You also might want one with a built-in fan or spot for a nail lamp if you do nails.

The beginner’s desk” – I like this desk because it is very inexpensive.  It’s on wheels so you could move it around your room easily if you have a tight space. it also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  The downside to the table is that there is no storage

Manicure Table Nail Desk Salon Spa with Nail Vacuum Cleaner and Bag

Middle of the pack” I wanted to show you this one because it’s fairly inexpensive and comes with a bonus chair!!!

A great starter manicure desk

The deluxe”  This is a great desk because of all the amazing storage!  It also comes with an electric downdraft nail vent and a free LED lamp

Vented Filtered Manicure Nail Table Station w/Lockable Cabinets & Cherry Top Made in USA by Dina Meri
What to do if your really short table”  I have this problem.  I had to find a table that was short enough to cut the legs off by 2 inches.  I also decorated it with peel and stick tiles to make it easier to clean.  When my clients and fellow estheticians asked about it I reminded them that I was the one sitting at it for 8 hours and that they only had to tolerate it for 2 hours.  For this reason, I purchased chairs that were comfortable and adjustable for my clients and me”  

I've had this desk forever!



Esthetics Chair

It is important to choose a chair that is adjustable and rolls easily.  Also, you will want to choose one that can easily be cleaned.

The basic”  This is a great simple chair with a back on it.

 Roll over image to zoom in AmazonBasics Multi-Purpose Drafting Spa Bar Stool with Back Cushion and Wheels

“The deluxe” I like this chair because it comes in 5 colours, is easily cleanable and is on wheels.  I actually have this one for both my client and I.  If the wheels break you can find replacements on Amazon too.  So beautiful


The uber ergonomic” If you intend to sit all day at your nail desk you might want to try an ergonomic specialty chair.  I have never used one but I know a number of nail techs who swear by them.  I like this one because it can be easily cleaned. 

 Roll over image to zoom in DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair, Adjustable Stool for Home and Office - Improve Your Posture with an Angled Seat - Thick Comfortable Cushions

Client Chair

Choose a comfortable chair that is adjustable and easily cleaned. You could really just buy 2 Esthetics chairs.  

The overall client chair” If you want a bigger chair that is a little softer and is easy to move around the room try this one! You could also try Staples, Ikea or Costco for a simple client chair. 

These chairs last forever.


Esthetics Bed

If you can afford it get an electronically adjustable bed right off the start. If you are just starting out, you may have to choose a stationary bed because they are inexpensive. One thing I have found about the beds is that you should check the nuts and bolts every once and a while to tighten them.  they come loose from the constant adjustments.

The electric bed” I have the older version of this bed and have had for a few years and I love it.  It’s held up really well and there are no cracks in the material.  I haven’t had any problems with the electrical either.  I really wish I purchased this bed at the beginning of my career!

Black Electric Tattoo Massage Facial Table Bed Chair Barber Beauty Spa Salon Equipment

The everyday basic bed”  This is an excellent bed if you can’t afford an electric bed.  Its height is not adjustable but the head and foot portion are.  I worked in a place with one of these bed and it was fine.  

This is a fantasic bed

The least expensive” This bed is height adjustable, portable and very inexpensive.  It’s a great option if you are just starting out and are on a very limited budget.  It also comes in another colour and easily resellable if you are able to upgrade your bed at a later time.  

Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table with Carrying Case

If you want to know more about spa beds, check out our in-depth blog post-here->>

Wax Pot

Most estheticians will have just one wax pot.  If you do a lot of waxing or use multiple types of wax, you should have 2 or more. No matter what pots you choose make sure they fit the cans of wax that you regularly use as well as our regular North American plugins. Also, I keep mine plugged into coffee timers so they turn on at 7 am every day and off at 8 pm.  

The workhorse”  I’ve had this Satin Smooth pot for 4 years and have never had a problem. The one before that lasted 5 years.  It’s a great little warmer.


The double”  I also have this one and have had it for 6 years.  I took off the flip lid though.  It keeps the pots consistently heated and I have never had any problems.

I've had this wax pot for over 6 years

Wax Cart

A trolley with good wheels makes your life a lot easier.  If you can choose a metal one that is easy to clean and has storage.  Try to find one that has larger wheels so that it moves around easily.

I have this “Ikea Like”one and have had it for 6 years.  Costco had similar ones too. I can not live without mine!  You can also get them on Amazon 


“Professional trolley” I found this one on Amazon and really like it. It has good reviews and looks like it would fit a couple of wax pots. 

 Marshall 3-Shelf Metal Rolling Utility Cart, White


The roll about cart“- I like this one because of all the storage solutions.  I also really like the adjustable storage trays.

 Aesthetician Roll-About Facial Cart Trolley White Non Locking Made in USA by Dina Meri


After plenty of towel mishaps, I can tell you for sure the best towels are salon professional towels.  Regular home towels don’t cut it and fall apart.

The best quality” and you can’t beat the price.  These towels will wash nicely and stay in good condition for years.  I’ve had the same ones for 7 years.  And they come in so many other colours! I purchase one set for facials (white) and one set for hands and feet (brown)These are awesome quality


“Microfiber” I also have these and they are great quality and have lasted for over 6 years.  They also come in multiple colours.

These towels are such good quality

Paraffin Pot

A paraffin pot is essential for add-on services.  They can be inexpensive and pay for themselves in a short period.

The Workhorse“- I have had this exact pot for 10 years and it’s still in perfect condition.  You can buy refills at your beauty supplier or online.  I always bought large freezer bags at the dollar store to use once I ran out of the original plastic baggies.

I love this paraffin pot. I've had it for 9 years


“The best seller” This one is Amazons’s best seller.  It’s quite a bit bigger and it’s digital. It has a lot of great reviews and looks like good quality.

 Roll over image to zoom in Salon Sundry Portable Electric Hot Paraffin Wax Warmer Spa Bath


One way to cut down on paper waste and disposable products is to purchase sheets instead of paper for waxing clients.  Purchase a regular twin pack. If you can choose a pattern so that any oil spills or stains don’t show up.

Amazon special” You can pick sheets up pretty inexpensively anywhere but if you watch on Amazon you can get a set for less than $15 every once and a while.  I have a couple of these sets and they wash really well. I also want to mention that if you go to Costco online you buy a bucket of detergent for about $109.  It’s Nelly’s brand and will last you a couple of years (about 1100 loads). These are the best sheets



There is always going to be an awkward silence so have a radio or cell phone docking station in your room to keep it minimal.


Place your clock in the direction that you face the most.  You’ll be able to keep an eye on the time without seeming rude for checking the time

All in one stereo” This one is everything all in one.  you can doc your iPhone on it or use it with your android phone via blue tooth.  You can also charge your own phone on it.  I have Amazon prime so I get free Amazon music which is awesome.


Honourable mention” This one is my next purchase.  It’s beautiful and sleek.  It connects via blue tooth so it’s perfect. 
 Click image to open expanded view OHHAI Bluetooth Speakers with Super Bass and Subwoofer Bluetooth Speaker Wooden, Portable 3D Stereo Music Sound Speaker with 10-Hour Playtime, Enhanced FM Radio for Home and Outdoor Party

Nail Polish

You can start with just a small collection of polish and add to your collection as you go along.  Check your local suppliers for and deals they have. Amazon is not really a good place to get really good quality nail polish unless there is a specific colour you are looking for.  Also, check online professional groups because sometimes people are looking to get rid of lots of nail polish for really cheap.

This is an awesome set.  You can see more sets here->>


Nail Art Kit

Have essentials such as foils, rhinestones, and stamps. Nail art is an easy way to get add-on sales and increase your revenue. Check out some of favourite nail art items on our blog post My favourite nail art supplies

Kit #1– I love everything in this kit.  It’s perfect for someone who is just getting into nail art or just getting into the business.  I like that it also includes a storage kit! Nail art kit


Kit #2 -This is another great kit and it would make an excellent gift for anyone just starting out.  There are also a ton of rhinestones that make for an easy upsell to clients.Nail art kit



Always have plenty of tweezers on hand.  Then you can sanitize them at the end of the day or week. they also make great retail items

Tweezer set”  I have 5 sets of these and they are pretty much my go tos.  They stay sharp and work well.My favorite tweezers!


“Amazon’s bestseller” -This one comes very highly rated on Amazon and is pretty inexpensive so you could easily stock up on a few of these.Tweezerman, Tweezers Mini Slanted Flamingo Pink,

Uv lamp- The lamp will depend on what type of nail products you are using but there are some universal ones out there. I highly recommend purchasing the lamp that goes with the product line that you will be using.  These can be purchased through your local nail supplier.  

Universal nail lamp” This one is inexpensive and has sold over 775 with a decent rating on Amazon.  I like that it also has an auto on/off sensor too.

 LED UV nail Lamp with 4 Timer Setting,Senor For Gel Nails and Toe Nail Curing

The top seller” This is another one of Amazon’s top sellers with a ton of really great reviews.

This is a top selling nail lamp

Sanitizer tray– These should last you forever!  Make sure you are using the correct procedures for sanitizing! It is essential to get one of the trays that has a little basket and a lid!  They are pretty much all the same.  I’ve had the same one for 10 years!

Sterilizer Tray Disinfection Clean Nail Art Salon Manicure Implement Tools Plastic

Broom and dustpan- A given.  Keep a separate broom in your room.  I found that my broom has to be replaced every few years because little bits of wax get built up in it and you don’t want to spread those little bits of wax through your house.  

Bookcase- You’ll need something to store supplies, and products. 

“Bookcase” I love the look of this one and it looks easy to set up.This cute book case is perfect for displaying products


Laundry hamper- One for clean laundry and one for dirty laundry.

Laptop- If you not planning on watching movies on it, and are just using it for business-related tasks and or social media you don’t need a very expensive one.

Laptop“- You can’t beat the price of this one and it actually has great reviews on Amazon!

Lamp- Good lighting is essential to perform exceptional services.  It also prevents eye strain!

“Top Seller”  This little lap is amazing.  It’s on roller wheels and has a magnifying part.

This is one of the best selling lamps

The Clip-on” I have a clip-on lamp just like it an I love that I can clip it around the room and don’t have a big base to have to workaround.  This lamp has sold over 2000 and has great reviews!I love this clip on lamp

The best selling desk lamp” When I was searching for a lamp I came across this beauty and I’m gonna order one this week.  It looks fantastic! The lamp has a USB charging port, 4 lighting modes with 5 brightness levels, and 1-Hour Timer. This would look so sleek on a nail desk!Fantastic lamp for your nail desk!

Pedicure Station.  When you first start doing esthetics you could either invest in an all in one chair, provide laydown pedicures (where the client soaks their feet first then gets up on a bed and lays down for a pedicure) or Jimmy one up for yourself.  This is what I did.  In fact, Nails magazine did a little write up about it once.

Space-Saving Storage Solution– Nails Magazine- April 2013


Footsie bath” I had the same footsie bath for 7 years.  Then I sold it used to another tech when I quit doing pedicures.  I never had one single issue with it.  I loved that the liners are disposable so you don’t have to risk client safety. Everyone always asks what chair this was.  It’s made by Human Touch.  They don’t make it anymore but they do make others.  This chair has lasted over 8 years and is still going! 

My favorite purchase for my business was a footsie bath



Check out more stand-alone pedicure bowels here->>

“Pedicure Chair” You can also get inexpensive pedicure chairs built for a bowl or a footsie bath.  These are pretty compact and light.

I am in love with this pedicure chair!

3 in 1 Aromatherapy Facial Steamer, 5x Magnifying Lamp & High-Frequency Machine- this is a great machine if you are doing facials! What a great deal on a facial machine



After searching for a variety of items on the internet I came across a few packages which are worth taking a look at.  Add them to your Amazon cart list to see if you can get a better deal buying a package or items individually. These are key essentials to starting your home-based esthetics business

Package Deal-1

This spa package is a great deal!


Package Deal-2If you are overwhelmed by the amount of essentials for starting your home-based esthetics business then you should check out this blog post.


Package Deal-3If you are overwhelmed by the amount of essentials for starting your home-based esthetics business then you should check out this blog post.


Is there anything we missed?  Don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know!