How to use follow-up emails for salon and spa clients


I want to take some time to review follow-up emails for clients, how important emails are to spa and salon clients, and what they can do for your business. 



I send informational/sales/re-booking emails to my clients, which has increased my sales and customer loyalty since I implemented the system five years ago. 


Follow up emails for estheticians, nail techs lash techs and more

Follow-up emails are easy and can be a vital part of any service business. Let’s see if you agree with me by the end of this blog post. 



A day or two after a client’s appointment, I check in with them to make sure they are happy with the service and ask if they have questions. You can send a quick email, or you can send a more in-depth one. A longer email makes your client feel more valuable and can get more bookings or sales. 



I send longer emails, but I tailor them to each client. I’ve gotten a surprising number of re-books and product sales this way. 


Sending out follow up emails for salons and spas


Types of follow-up emails:

These are examples of emails that you can send to your clients. You can use one type of email or a combination of a few examples.



•Thank you emails

I thank them for coming in for services or purchasing a product. I also add a personal note or try to incorporate something from our conversation.



“I’m so happy that you could come in for your pedicure today. It was great catching up! Thanks for telling me about that soup recipe.” 


Sending out follow up emails for salons and spas

•Feedback emails

I ask my clients to provide feedback and suggest future improvements or suggestions in the service, products, or spa. This is important to do the day after the service. It can squash any negative online reviews before posting them online.



It also gives you valuable information on how to change protocols in the spa or get ideas on bringing in new products.



“If there is anything you think we could do better either in our service or the experience in the spa, please let us know! We continually want to improve and find our clients provide valuable feedback to help do this.”

Follow up emails for spa or salon esthetician, nail tech, brow artisit, lash Tech

•Suggestions and upsell emails

If your client came in for a basic pedicure, recommend that they try the paraffin pedicure next time or add a manicure to the service. 



“Anne, I thought that if you enjoyed your manicure today; I think you would love the moisture treatment add on. Here (Insert your link) is a little more information about it if you are interested.”
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•Rebooking emails

Remind them about re-booking. Let the client know the time they usually go in between appointments and offer to book them in or provide an online booking link.



“I just want to remind you that most clients go four weeks in between leg waxes. If you’d like me to book you in, email me back or book online here (insert your link)).”

Follow up emails for spa or salon esthetician, nail tech, brow artisit, lash Tech

•Upcoming promotions emails

Let them know about any upcoming promotions on services or products. Suggest products you think your client might be interested in. 



“On October 16th, we are having a big 50% off sale on all of our cuticle oils. I think the almond one you were looking at would be an excellent deal. You should pop in and check it out.”


Follow up emails for spa or salon esthetician, nail tech, brow artisit, lash Tech

•Testimonial emails

Now, let’s talk about testimonials. You know this type of social proof is essential, and good testimonials can significantly improve your sales conversions. It took me a while to learn this, but you can’t wait for people to send you a testimonial out of the blue. You have to ask for it.



The best way to do this is face-to-face. The following best way is to ask for it via email. Provide a direct link to the place you would like the review.



“If you enjoyed your visit, I’d love for you to leave me a review when you have a moment. Reviews help me grow my business. You can do that Here (Insert your Link).”


starting a spa or salon esthetician, nail tech, waxer, microblade

•Referral Emails

Ask your clients for referrals. Ask your loyal customers to help you spread the word to their friends or family. This is a great way to promote your loyalty program.



“Anne, I’m looking to add to my client list, and I was hoping you could refer a friend or family member. When you do this, just tell them to mention your name, and I’ll add a $10 credit to your file to use on your next visit.”


starting a spa or salon esthetician, nail tech, waxer, microblade


These emails are excellent customer service tools and can be a valuable resource for your business. Whether you have an automated email service, do this or customize it yourself, it is up to you and your time constraints. 

Follow-up Emails for salons and spas

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