Waxing supplies

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Waxing Supplies

When I was in esthetics school over 10 years ago I had a teacher who once said to me: If you know how much every wax stick cost you will be more likely to be successful in your business than the esthetician who doesn’t.

How to save money on waxing supplies to increase your proffits

My business comprises of 95% waxing clients.  And I can tell you how much each stick costs.  I can also tell you how much cotton, numbing spray etc I pay to use on each client. It’s easy.  Take the cost of a stick a divide by the amount in the box.

When you go through 10,000 sticks a month .01 vs.03 makes a difference at the end of the month. You should do this with all of your supplies.  Those little bits of savings adds up.

Now you need to know where to get the best price.  I price shop a variety of beauty suppliers, wholesale clubs, Walmart, and Amazon.  I know the golden rule is to buy all of your supplies from a beauty supplier.  But you don’t have to.  I actually only buy what I call “core products” from suppliers. My core supplies are “wax & pre and post-wax products.  The rest I source everywhere else. (Unless the supplier has a sale that matches  what I can get elsewhere)

I keep a page of notes on what waxing supplies I need to have on hand at all times, where my first choice to purchase and my second choice to purchase and the cost. I also keep track of how much I use per month.  As a rule, I always keep at least 1 month of supplies on hand and when I can get it on sale for 3 months.

I’ll share with you what I have found in regards to waxing supplies. Keep in mind I am in Regina, Saskatchewan so your suppliers may have lower prices but It is worth taking a look at each one to see what they have to offer.


My #1 – Beauty Cult-Edmonton–  By far the best customer service I have ever dealt with in regards to suppliers.  They also carry my favourite brand of wax, Berodin.  This is where I spend the most money on my business

My Wax:

These are the waxing supplies I love. If you have something to add let me know! #waxing

Contact Beaut Cult today and let them know I sent you! https://beautycult.ca/

My big List of wax supplies


Other Supply Tips

Sanitation & Disinfection

I go through gallons of this stuff.  I am an avid supporter of PREmpt products.  You can get this at most beauty suppliers or janitorial businesses.  In my experience, the surcharge for shipping these products isn’t worth it so check out what’s available in your city. Please familiarize yourself with current Sanitation & Disinfection protocols.

Where to get the best waxing supplies for the lowest prices

Bed Paper

I personally don’t use paper. I use twin sheets or extra large towels.  Clients prefer the feel of sheets and once you build up a big supply it’s just one extra load of laundry a week when you are changing the sheets between each client. (Tip- buy sheets that have patterns in order to hide oil stains.  Also, color waxes can stain sheets as well)

Beauty Cult has an amazing bed cover that is super easy to clean in between clients!

This bed cover is one of my favorite waxing supplies



I go through hundreds of tweezers every week because I use fresh tweezers for each client.  I usually buy a bulk set and keep some on hand for clients to purchase as retail.  


Exfoliation gloves

I give all my clients exfoliation gloves.  It makes my job easier when clients are exfoliating properly. I order the ones below.

I buy these in bulk off amazon.


Aftercare Sheets

Numbing Sprays

I offer all new clients numbing cream.  All returning clients have to the option of applying to their service for an extra $3 or they can purchase a tube to take home.  

Mechanical timer!

My wax goes on at 7 am and off at 7pm every day! I love that my wax is the perfect temperature right when I start work.

I highly recommend investing in an Amazon Prime Account.  I love the 2-day shipping, prime deals. prime tv and music.  For some, this may be a business expense.

Again.  I want to reiterate that it is important to support local businesses, but you also have to think about cost savings in your business to stay afloat. Many of my colleagues work in rural locations.  Also being in Canada we don’t have the same kind of access to some of the products that our US or UK counterparts have. It is also risky ordering online because you never know what you are going to get or where it comes from. If you choose to order directly from the wholesaler that’s great!  I highly recommend the staff at Beauty Cult. 

I also want to mention that some of these supplies may not be available in Canada and some may not be available in the US.