Best selling manicure desks

A manicure desk is a piece of furniture you want to invest in. Especially if you are doing nails all day long. It is one of the pieces of furniture that you don’t want to compromise on when it comes to style, size and durability.



The type of business you do will determine the kind of desk that you need. For example, if you only do natural nails, you won’t need a desk with a fan or exhaust built-in. If nail enhancements are 95% of your business, you might want to invest in a desk with extra storage or space for nail lights and exhausts. 



Although client comfort is also essential, remind yourself that you have to sit in front of the nail desk all day long, so make sure it is what you want.

Discover the best selling manicure desks for estheticians and nail techs.


The top 3 selling desks:

BERKELEY Manicure Nail Table


Mefeir Manicure Table

What to consider when buying a manicure desk:

•Do you do natural nails or nail enhancements (gel or acrylic)

•Will you are sitting at your desk for extended periods (Read about ergonomics)

•Do you need to store all of your products nearby

•Is the type of material the desk made of easily cleanable

•What is the size of the workspace that you have to work with

•Do you need a nail lap

•Do you need an exhaust system


The following round-up list of desks is the best selling desks on the internet:


These are also some styles of manicure desks that I love:

*If you are really short or really tall I have a few solutions for you at the bottom of the page.

(Prices are in us dollars. Some tables are not available in all areas. Some tables are not specifically manicure desks, but the dimensions are perfect. They may not be acetone friendly!)

The Berkeley Nail Table is designed to make life easier for nail technicians and to offer enjoyable nail appointments for your customers.
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BERKELEY Manicure Nail Table

This manicure desk is suitable for any beauty salon. It is well-crafted and easy to wipe. The desk comes with durable drawers that are perfect for nail accessories.


•Comes with wrist rest

•Plenty of storage


•Not height adjustable

Available in white too


Manicure Table GLASS GLOW WHITE Salon Nail Table Salon Furniture & Equipment
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•Comes with wrist rest

•Comes with some storage


•Only comes in white (that I can find)

OmySalon Manicure Table Iron Frame, Nail Beauty Spa Salon Desk Workstation with Electric Downdraft Vent, Wrist Rest, Cabinets, ( Affiliate link) Casters and Clip-On LED Lamp, Black (43.3''L x 16.9''W x 29.1''H)
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Mefeir Manicure Table

The manicure table has one side cabinet and one side basket for storage. It is equipped with an electric downdraft vent that can help collect the nail dust. It also comes with rolling wheels so it can be pushed around pretty easily. This nail desk comes with a LED lamp that can offer you a clear view during work as well.


•Electric Downdraft Vent

•Comes with Wrist Rest, Cabinets

•Includes Clip-On LED Lamp

•Comes in a smaller size

•Lock on the storage


•There are some complaints that peoples legs don’t fit well under the desk if they are taller

•Assembly is difficult

•Metal drawers slide all the way out and can come out of the unit


Is the manicure table Too Tall, Too Short?

*Another option is to choose a table that is solid wood and have someone saw the legs down to a more ergonomically correct height.  (This is what I did)

* If you are really tall try adding castors or furniture levellers

Make your manicure table taller with SPACECARE 3 Inches Caster Wheels, Heavy Duty Locking Casters

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Heavy Duty Furniture Levelers Adjustable Furniture Legs Levelers- Add to your nail desk to make it taller!

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Increase Client Comfort

Client comfort is still pretty important.  Take a look at some of the ideas we have come up with.

Serta Ergonomic Adjustable chair

This black leather office chair supports the lower back and tilts with your body to provide continuous lumbar support. A padded headrest offers comfortable support for the neck, while a waterfall seat edge helps reduce leg pressure and promote circulation to reduce fatigue.

Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Motion Technology, Adjustable Mid Back Desk Chair with Lumbar Support, Black Bonded Leather

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Soft Sponge Pillow

With this padded wrist support, you can remove the cover to wash separately. It is available in multiple colours.

With a pad design, more professional and practical,Detachable design, you can wash the pillow cover and the inner sponge separately.

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Purse Hook Hanger for Table

Keep your client’s purse from the floor.

Purse Hook Hanger for Table Bar Long Handbag Hanger Bag Hanger with Velvet Pouch

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Clip-on Mini Desk Fan

Keep your clients cool with this clip-on mini desk fan. This is a great addition for clients who are going through the “change” or for estheticians or nail techs who live in warm climates.

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan. Perfect to clip on your nail desk

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These little touches will keep your clients comfortable.  If you are interested in other ideas on how to keep your clients happy and increase service value check out our blog post 

If you are also redoing your pedicure area take a look at some of our favourite pedicure area ideas.