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What to do during spa and salon downtime

What do you do when you have to close your salon or spa temporarily?

This post originally was published at the beginning of Covid in March 2020.  Much of the information is still relevant for salons and spas that go through up and down seasonal phases. 


March 2020

I have gone from being booked solid with a waitlist to shutting my doors in the last week.


This is so surreal. I’m having a hard time processing what to do next. Like many others in our industry, I feel the pinch of the Covid outbreak. I feel like I’m going into a mourning period. I have had a full-time job since I was 16. And now, my full-time job is to stay at home with my kids and keep ourselves busy.


Where I am located, there has been almost no direction from our Public Health Authority about what the personal services industry should do right now. Some spas are staying open, and some are choosing to close. Until the government announces something concrete, it is your choice.



Another thing I’m trying to sort out in my head is what I’m going to do for money. I’m waiting for more government announcements on how and IF they have a plan to help us. Many of us don’t qualify for unemployment insurance, so we will have to figure out how to pay our monthly bills.


So. In this crazy time, what can I do? These are just some random notes and thoughts filling my head. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas about what you can do.

What do you do when you have to close your salon or spa temporarily? Tips and tricks to keep you busy and get ready to get back on your feet again.

Tips to keep busy in a salon or spa slow season


•Offer to deliver products if clients want to email orders in.


•Keep in communication with clients and send them positive thoughts and tips on caring for their skin, nails etc., at home. Client emails


•Post positive messages and gratitude on social media accounts, so I don’t fall off their radar.



•Take FREE online courses! (I’m working on a list here


•Update my website



•Update and redesign my client consultation forms. I use Canva for this


Connect with other entrepreneurs

•Organize my filing system



•Researching new products and techniques


•Downloading business podcasts



•Spend time learning how I can increase my sales when I get back to work.


•Pre-plan a year’s worth of promotions and do the social media to accompany them so I can just pick a promotion, and it’s ready to go.



•Pre-plan a year’s worth of general social media posts and add them to an automatic scheduling system. I pretty much all ready do that. Still, I want to come up with more.



•Find all the free listings, i.e., Yelp, Yellowpages, Google, etc. Make sure the information is up to date.


•Do Inventory



•Get ahead of my accounting! 


 Try to use this time wisely so that when we get back to work, or the clients start coming through the doors, we are more than ready. I’m thankful I have this website to keep me sane, and I hope you use it to find resources to work on building your business.


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