Learn how to make more money with Dr. Numb


Learn How to make more money with Dr. Numb

Dr. Numb® is an OTC (Over-the-Counter) Topical Anesthetic Cream (commonly known as numbing cream) that contains 5% lidocaine. It produces temporary numbness or loss of sensation of the skin and its surrounding tissues after its application. It is primarily used for relief of pain associated with skin conditions and dermal procedures.

Simply No Pain

One of the very first questions every client asks is “how do I prevent pain during waxing”.  Easy.  Numbing cream.  Then they follow up with “which is the best one in the industry?”  Easy.  Dr. Numb.  For all my first time clients I apply a numbing cream to the area to take the sting out of the wax.  No wax service is ever 100% painless but at least using numbing cream you can make it more bearable.  

Numbing cream is an easy upsell for anyone in the waxing industry. You can offer it to every client when they are booking their appointment.  Offer it as a one-time application and apply it to each client at the beginning of their waxing appointment (This is an easy $5 upgrade) or you can sell the entire tube so they can apply it before coming for a better effect. Either way, it’s a great retail item and is guaranteed to make you a little more cash.

12 Tubes of Dr. Numb + Free Display Box-How to make more money with Dr. Numb

This prepack is perfect for anyone in the spa industry that does :

Dermal Fillers, Electrolysis, Hair Removal, Laser Treatments, Microblading, Microdermabrasion, Microneedling, Mole Removal, Permanent Makeup, Piercing, Spider Vein Removal, Tattoo, Tattoo Removal, Waxing 

Why your clients will love it:

Non-invasive and Hypoallergenic
Completely reversible and does not produce any residual effect on the nerve fibre
Rapid onset of action (10-15 mins)
Duration of action lasts up to 4 hours
May be reapplied to prolong the numbness as necessary
Does not cause irritation of tissues and nerves
Contains Vitamin E for faster skin recovery
Applicable to all skin types

How to make more money with Dr. Numb

How to sell it:

Sell the entire tube to your clients individually to take the sting out of upcoming appointments.  Each tube retails for $64 That’s a profit of over $35 per tube!

Add it as an add-on to services and charge per application.  The average esthetician charges $5 extra per application

Include it in the cost of your service for a less painful experience. (which will make for a happier customer and they will be more likely to return)

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How to make more money with Dr. Numb

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