My favorite nail art supplies

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My Favourite nail art supplies


I often get asked what some of my favourite nail art supplies are, and I am more than happy to share some of my best finds. 


With the increasing popularity of Amazon Prime, nail art supplies have become increasingly abundant. It is so easy to scroll through and find millions of nail art products. I often get stuck in the neverending scroll as I pass rhinestones, decals, pains and more.

Popular nail art supplies

If you haven’t set your business up with Amazon Prime, I highly recommend it. (Check with your accountant to see if this is a business expense)


When you click on the items on this page, you will be directed to the Amazon page to purchase them or find out more. 


Everyday supplies to keep on hand at all times:

There are some basics that everyone would keep on hand at all times. You never know when your client will want to add some bling, foils, decals and more.

Nail art is also a great way to increase your service price. Ask every client if they want nail art or add a specific button or examples on your online booking.

It can also make your client’s nails pop, which in turn can make them a great business card for you.

These are some of my favourite sets. Scroll to the bottom for holiday or theme-specific products.

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These are some of my favorite favourite nail art supplies. Get your Halloween off to a good start with some of these amazing deals!🎃Halloween Nail Art Supplies

St. Patrick's nail art

💚St. Patrick Day Nail Art

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Easter nail art

🌷Easter/Spring Nail Art

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