Price Lists for Salons and Spas

One way to convey professionalism in your salon or spa is to have a beautifully designed price list on hand. Price lists, along with business cards are invaluable to your business.

Get affordable price lists for your salon or spa

How to set your prices

There are a variety of ways to decide on your prices but the best and smartest is to use a calculated formula. 


The highest recommend resource for doing this is from Tina Alberino the creator of  – You will find a lot more business information on Tina’s website so you should check it out!

Designing your price list

When you are designing your price list there are a variety of physiological strategies that can help you create the perfect price for your business. It actually is important what types of numbers and placements you use.

Price lists for salons and spas


A few important things to have on your price lists are




•Contact/ booking information


•Price clarification ie-is the price an estimation or starting at price?


•If taxes are applicable


•Method of payment ie-cash, check, credit card


•Any special discount ie-Book 3 services together save %10


•Your referral program ie-refer3 friends and get a $5 gift certificate


•*Prices are subject to change


Make sure your price list is designed for your business brand so that you are consistent. It should be clear and easy to read. 


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Customizable price lists for your salon or spa