6 easy ways to grow your online presence

Get yourself noticed by new clients by following 6 easy ways to grow your online presence

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Grow Your Online Presence

For most customers today, their first and main introduction to any business is by discovering the products and services online. Every business should have a strong online presence. If they don’t have the money to hire someone at first, they have to learn how to grow and manage their presence online.
Here are some of the most effective and simple tips to grow your online presence:

1. Be active on social mediaCheck out these Facebook do's and don'ts to help you grow your online presence

Most of your potential customers are on various social media platforms. This means that if you want to grow and your presence and be noticed in the 21st century, you must be active on social media.

• Facebook

Facebook has more than 2.2 billion users and you can quickly connect with potential customers in your local area. Post consistent content. A quick google search will show you the best recipe for successfully managing your Facebook page. Take time to read and comment on what others have posted on their Facebook page or on your timeline. When posting anything on your Facebook page, be sure the material you’re sharing is likely to engage your prospects and make them excited about having a chat with your company.

• Twitter

Be active and engage in Twitter conversations with local businesses, and be ready to promote them. In that way, they’ll most likely promote you as well. Your main aim on Twitter should be to connect with your potential and existing clients, like-minded business owners and local businesses that can promote you. Follow people and ask people to follow you as well, and maintain having a casual conversation with them as well.

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2. Freebie online marketing

Everyone loves a freebie. Offer free eBooks or coupons and you’ll boost your online presence. Offering freebies will also improve your image online. This one is easier to set up than you think.  Get yourself a free Canva account to create all of your freebies.  If you are having trouble you can also take this fantastic course


3. Pay attention to SEO

To grow and manage your online presence, take your time to do your keyword research, and make sure you set your website pages correctly. If you optimize your website and blog articles, search engines will help people to find you easily.

This is an excellent article to get you started:

On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page

Boost you online presence with this social media content calendar

4. Schedule your social media posts

Time is money when you’re managing your beauty business and therefore, use it wisely by using online marketing tools such as Tailwind to schedule your social media posts. This will allow you to remain on top of your social media marketing.

There are tons of schedulers out there so it’s just a matter of picking one that suits you.

If you are not sure what to actually schedule follow some of Angie’s best practices.

5. Blog consistency

You should commit to blogging at least once a week. As you know, blogging feeds your website with the latest and new content. This will attract and hold your prospects on your page relatively longer. If you have a regularly updated blog, it will show that your beauty business is active and has valuable information to share. Google will only index your site favourably if it has regular updates.

6. Get Reviews

Ask for reviews. Ask every single client to you to provide a review on either Google, Facebook or Yelp.  This creates credibility online. Make sure your business is verified on Google.  We wrote an easy to follow guide here.

There are so many templates and courses to help you grow your business online!

With the above tips, you can quickly and easily boost and maintain your online presence.

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Get yourself noticed by new clients by following 6 easy ways to grow your online presence