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Grow Your Online Presence

For most customers today, their first and primary introduction to any business is discovering the products and services online. Every business should have a solid online presence. If they don’t have the money to hire someone at first, they have to learn how to grow and manage their presence online.

Here are some of the most effective and simple tips to grow your online presence:

✅Claim your website and  free listings

Once your website is up and running, (This is an easy way to get an incredibly professional website for cheap) make sure your business has been claimed on Google.  This is a post on how to do that.


It is also a good idea to scour the internet and find any possible free listings of your website.  If you search for your business name, some should automatically show up. Usually, they can be found on 411, Yellowpages or industry websites.


Make sure the information is up to date and also has all of your social media profiles linked.

Search engine optimization

To grow and manage your online presence, take your time to do your keyword research, and make sure you set your website pages correctly. If you optimize your website and blog articles, search engines will help people to find you easily.


This is an excellent article to get you started:

On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page

Get your business on Google


Social Media

Most of your potential customers are on various social media platforms. This means that you must be active on social media if you want to grow and your presence and be noticed in the 21st century. 


If you are struggling with content planning and scheduling and very reliable and easy-to-use resources are the Social Media Content App from Angie Gensler.  Read more about it here.


Get these 2 freebies from Angie Gensler

Social Media Cheat Sheet

Blog Post: What to Post on Social Media (100 Ideas)


Running a contest can be an excellent way to find new clients and spread the word about your business. 


Consider cross-posting with other businesses to expose each other to other customers. How to Run an Instagram Contest: A 10-Step Guide is an excellent resource for setting up contests.

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Get Reviews

Ask for reviews. Ask every single client to you to provide a review on either Google, Facebook or Yelp.  This creates credibility online. Collect reviews on Google


With the above tips, you can quickly and easily boost and maintain your online presence.


If you are interested in building your business take a look at another blog post that might help: How to boost holidays sales in your salon or spa


Get yourself noticed by new clients by following 6 easy ways to grow your online presence