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Social media post ideas for businesses

Social media post ideas for spas and salons

Copy-And-Post Social Media From Your Phone In Less Than One Minute



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I’ve had a few beauty biz professionals ask me about my social media strategies lately. To be honest, I’m no expert.




Social media strategies are one of those things that I continuously google. Social media can take up a lot of time, especially if you aren’t quite sure what to do or don’t have any design skills.


Your Social Media Is Done With Daily Content Planned Out For You
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Why I needed a content club, and so do YOU!

This year my new year’s resolution was to work smarter and not harder. One of the things I wanted to come up with is a social media strategy.



 After 20 minutes of working on a plan, I realized this would take me hours to set up and figure out what to post on different platforms. Not only that, I had to create graphics to go with most of those posts.


Experience The Stress-Melting Power Of Daily Content At Your Fingertips
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I knew from searching online that there are a lot of companies I could pay to do this. When I looked at the cost, I nearly died. I would not pay $300 a month for someone to post on Instagram for my business.




The next best thing was to join the ultimate social media content club with tons of done for you content.



This is the best one I found


Drive Social Media Engagement With This Powerful Resource
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The Social Media content club

So I used to buy the images and manually post as much as I could.  But in the end, I’d rather spend the time working on clients than all that cutting and pasting and typing.   



So I invested in the club.  ( It wasn’t even that expensive. Less than a cup of coffee a day!)

Copy-And-Post Social Media From Your Phone In Less Than One Minute
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Why you need to join for your business:


TO SAVE YOURSELF A TON OF TIME and money! You can easily stay connected to your clients without having to figure out what to say to get them to engage.


•It’s also really easy to implement and set up the calendar and images. There are videos on how to do it.


•There’s no need to hire a social media manager when you can easily do it yourself.

Created specifically to turn your phone or desktop into your own social media manager, the Social Media Content Club combines research, marketing know-how, and content creation to deliver scroll-stopping, link-clicking, copy-and-post content Every. Single. Day.
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What’s included in the social media club

Daily copy-and-post content 


Daily fill-in-the-blank content 


Daily video and post ideas planned out for you 


Over 750 social media images 


Accessible from anywhere with an Android or Apple device 


Curated hashtag lists 


Complete list of holidays 


Ongoing support, resources, and tutorials to help you master social media marketing

The social media app that every salon or spa needs!
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What platform can you use the content planning app on?


Almost all of them! The Social Content club works with both Android and Apple devices. You can access it from your phone, tablet, or even your laptop or desktop computer!


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Can you edit the images?

You can edit the images in Canva.com, a free, online design tool. If you want to add your logo or URL, or tweak the colors or text, a few quick changes in Canva and you’ll be ready to post!


And if you’re not sure how to do it, no worries, a  free tutorial will be included when you sign up for the Social Media Content Club.

Check out the new social media content club!
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If this content is already done for me, how will it work for my unique business?

The Social Media Content Club was designed for small businesses in a variety of industries. So, whether you’re a nail tech, lash tech, esthetician or other beauty biz professional, the content will help you build and engage a social media following. 




Take advantage of our 7-day trial for just $5.

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I am proud to be an affiliate of all of Angie’s products. She is an amazing businesswoman. Even if you don’t want to purchase anything, you should head over to Angie’s website because she also offers a ton of free content on her blog for small businesses.




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