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Seasonal specials for salons and spas



Creating fresh seasonal offers for your salon or spa might seem tough. For new businesses, there’s already much to handle. And if you’re established, you’re likely too swamped to brainstorm spa offers.


In this article, I’ll spill some ideas that worked well for me.

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Types of Specials

We’re diving into different kinds of specials in this blog post. The right one for you depends on your preference.


• Discount Special: Your client gets a price cut on a service or a retail item. It’s a classic that everyone loves.


• Seasonal Themed Specials: These services are the season’s exclusive picks. Usually, they’re not discounted and might cost a tad more than your regular treatments. They add a festive vibe and let your clients enjoy something unique.

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Deciding the Right Promotion for Your Business


Picking the right promotion is like choosing the perfect outfit – it needs to fit well with your business. Here’s a checklist to guide you:


Real Cost: What’s the actual price tag of the special? Ensure it won’t break the bank.

Business Partnership: Can a partnership with another business make the special sweeter? It’s about community and collaboration.

Extra Inventory: Got extra products gathering dust? Include them in your special and clear out that shelf!

Terms and Conditions: Set clear rules for the special to avoid any hiccups later.

Limiting Specials: Need to cap the number of specials? It’s okay to have limits, make sure they are clear.

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Nailing Seasonal Sales & Promotions


Launching seasonal sales and promotions can increase your salon’s vibe and revenue. Here’s a roadmap to do it smoothly:


Scripting Sales Talk: Draft a script for your front-end team to master selling seasonal upsells. It’s like rehearsing for a big show.

Staff Incentives: Reward staff for pre-booking clients for seasonal promotions. A little motivation goes a long way.

Email Alerts: Blast an email to all clients announcing the seasonal specials. Let the excitement begin!

Picture Perfect: Snap and share photos of your products or services on social media. Visuals stir interest.

Social Media Contest: Launch a contest for a lucky client to win a fall-themed treatment. Everyone loves a good win!

Receipt Reminders: Sneak in reminders of upcoming promotions at the bottom of receipts. It’s a small nudge for a next visit.

• Clear Protocols: Have all protocols typed out, ensuring each staff member gets the ingredient measurements right. It’s about nailing the details for cost accuracy.

Digital Updates: Slot promotions into your online booking software, website, and POS system. Make it visible everywhere.

• Practice Makes Perfect: Allow staff to practice new services or add-ons to fine-tune their timing. Ready, set, pamper!

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Crafting a Seasonal Treatment Protocol

Creating a seasonal treatment doesn’t have to start from scratch. Spice up your basic protocol with a seasonal twist instead. It’s all about that extra touch to make the service feel new and festive.


For Instance: Take your standard pedicure routine, but add a dash of autumn with a spice-scented foot scrub. Next, wrap those feet in warm, damp towels, then into a plastic bag. Top it with a dry towel wrap, letting your client relax for 5 minutes. Unwrap and rinse the feet with clean, warm water. Round it off with a foot massage using a pumpkin-scented lotion. Ah, the cozy vibes of fall captured in a pedicure!

You can provide the clients with a warm neck wrap and a cup of pumpkin spice tea during the service.

*Just a side note: once I started giving clients a warm neck wrap, they asked for them all the time! I just started including them in the basic pedicure because once I purchased the neck wrap, it nearly cost me nothing to offer and increased my service value.

Wrapping Up Seasonal Promotions


Seasonal promotions are more than just a way to boost sales; they encapsulate the warmth and spirit of the season in your salon or spa services.


By infusing a festive essence through discount specials, seasonal-themed services, or even small gestures like offering warm neck wraps or sweet treats, you create a memorable ambiance for your clients.


Whether drafting a seamless sales script or crafting a seasonal treatment protocol, each step is about blending the season’s essence with your business’s unique charm. These thoughtful touches not only enhance the client experience but also build a loyal clientele who look forward to what’s new as the seasons change.


So, embrace the season’s offerings, sprinkle some creativity, and watch your business flourish amidst a vibe of celebration and coziness!