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Seasonal specials for salons and spas


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Coming up with unique seasonal specials for your salon or spa can be overwhelming. If you are a new business, you probably have a lot on your plate already. If you are an existing business, chances are your too busy to even think about spa specials.

In this post, I want to share some ideas that I have found successful in my own business. I am also going to share some other specials from industry professionals all across the globe. If you have any ideas you think are compatible, please contact me so I can put them on my list!

Types of Specials

There are a couple of different kinds of specials in this blog post. Ultimately you have to choose which one is right for you.

•Discount special The client receives a discount on a service or retail item

•Seasonal themed specials These are services that are only available in this season. There is usually no discount, and the service usually costs a little bit more than a regular treatment.

If you are having a hard time planning your social media out, try this awesome content Calendar.


How to Decide What Kind of Promotion is Right For Your Business

•What is the actual cost of the special?

•Can I partner with another business?

•Do I have extra inventory or products that I need to get rid of that I can include in this special?

•What are the terms and conditions of the special?

•Do I need to limit the number of specials?

These are questions you should ask yourself before choosing the type of special you are going to run.

How To Successfully Run Seasonal Sales & Promotions

•Make a script for your front-end staff to ensure they are selling seasonal upsells.

•Offer incentives to staff to make sure they pre-book their clients for seasonal promotions.

•Send an email blast out to all clients.

•Take pictures of your products or services for social media.

•Create a social media contest for one lucky client to win a fall-themed treatment.


•Include reminders of upcoming promotions at the bottom of receipts.


•Ensure that all protocols are typed out, and each staff member understands the measurements of ingredients. This is key to ensure accurate costs per service.


•Add promotions to online booking software, website and POS system.


•Staff members should all have a chance to practice new services or adds on to make sure their service timings are right.

How To Create a Seasonal Treatment Protocol

While you can develop an entirely new treatment, it is much easier to use your basic protocol and add it.

For Example:
Use your basic pedicure protocol, add a spice-scented foot scrub, and wrap the feet in warm damp towels followed by a plastic bag. Wrap the feet in a dry towel and let the client sit for 5 minutes. Then wash the feet off with clean, warm water and give a foot massage with a pumpkin scented foot lotion.

You can provide the clients with a warm neck wrap and a cup of pumpkin spice tea during the service.

Microwavable Weighted Neck Wrap

*Just a side note once I started giving clients a warm neck wrap, they started asking for them all the time! I just started including them in the basic pedicure because once I purchased the neck wrap, it nearly cost me nothing to offer and increased my service value.

Seasonal specials for salons and spas

🎃🌰🍂Fall (Autumn) Season🎃🌰🍂

What comes to mind when you think of fall? Leaves, cooler weather, pumpkins, harvest, sweaters

Popular events: Back to school, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day or Veterans Day, Halloween

Colours: brown, orange, gold, cranberry, dark greens

Scents& Foods: cider, caramel, sugar cookie, pumpkin spice, chai

182 Pcs Fall Decor

Promotional Ideas for Fall

-Fall into savings

-Back to school pre-booking special

-Back to school makeover for teens to learn how to use makeup

-Fall in love with your hair (or skin or nails etc.)

-Fall themed facials (pumpkin, chai etc.)

Seasonal pedicures (Fall scents and foods)

Free seasonal drink with any services

-Oh my gourd, we love fall

-We are thankful for your business. Please enjoy a complimentary (insert discount or gift or -service) for the month of (insert month)

-Pre-book Halloween nails, and makeup and save or get a free gift.

-Super spa saving for Septembers

-Outrageous October promotions

-You’ll fall for these savings

-Pumpkin themed -Carve out some time for a (insert service)

-If you offer pedicures or manicures as a service: Make a promotional fall pedicure and charge a little more. (Add a scrub, hot towels, mask)

-If you offer massages as a service: Add a fall-themed back facial or a body scrub

Treatment Ideas for Fall

These are some popular fall-themed ideas. Just add the service or treatment that you provide at the end of the Idea. For example Sugar and spice moisturizing manicure.

Apple cinnamon
Amazing autumn
Pampering pumpkin
Pumpkin spice
Caramel vanilla
Cinnamon shea
Chai latte
Pumpkin honey
Warmed whipped ginger snap
Cafe Brulee
Ginger love
Warm & cozy

Retail Items to Sell

Check with your wholesalers to see if they have any deals on these products.  Or contact a local crafter to see if they want to partner up!

Smell my feet – Halloween coloured kit: lotion, nail polish
Back to school sample kit
Bath bombs
Coffee flavours
Fall colour make up
Essential oils
Fall polish colours
Flavoured tea
Mugs and teapots
Toes socks
Fall scented items


Basic Scrub Recipe

(for retail or service use) Check your province or state laws on selling homemade products.

1/4 cup granulated sugar. Add more if you would like a coarser scrub.
1/2 cup coconut oil
5-10 drops of your favourite essential oil (optional)

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.

Store your scrub in an airtight container in a cool dark place.

Ideas to Upsell a Fall Service

These ideas can be sold as an add on or used to increase service value at no cost to the client:

Add a homemade scrub to a pedicure
Add hot towel treatment
Use essential oils in the room
Give clients a warm neck wrap
Give flavoured waters or teas
Add a hand massage
Add a cuticle treatment
Add an under-eye anti-ageing pads
Add on a paraffin treatment

Decor Ideas for Fall

Change out a few pillow covers and blankets
Add fake leaves and acorns to flower arrangements
Change out some art with these free pintable’s
Tiny twinkle lights
Change the front door matt
Add a fall wreath
Change hand towels in the bathroom
Remember not to overdo it. You want to keep within your brand’s main feel and colours.

Anickal Set of 4 Thanksgiving Pillow Covers

Fall Flavoured Snacks

Keep a few candy dishes and snacks around.  Some clients who come from a long day of work or who are having a few services with appreciate them.

Archer Farms Raw Mixed Nuts Pack

Fall Themed Drinks

Apple Pie Sangria

Hot Buttered Rum

Pumpkin Latte

Flavoured Soda

Stash Tea 6-Flavor Assortment Tea, Fall for Autumn, 6 Count

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winter holidays specials for salons and spas🎄🎋⛸Winter Season⛸🎋🎄


What comes to mind when you think of winter? Cold, snow, sweaters, Candy, Presents

Popular events: Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Winter Solstice, Black Friday Chinese New Years

Colours: Gold, Silver, Red, Green

Scents & Foods: cider, caramel, sugar cookie, peppermint, pine

Winter holiday specials


Promotional Ideas for Winter

-If you’re planning a party of shopping event you might want to check out this blog post!

-12 Days of Christmas

-Now Booking for Christmas

-Silent nights

-The night before Christmas

-New year, New You

-Count down to New years

-Shop ‘til you drop

-Gift Card bonanza

-‘Tis the season to save

-Holiday hair event

-Pre Party Pampering

Treatment Ideas for Winter

Post shopping pedicure
Peppermint pedicure
Winter wonderland getaway package
Candy Cane manicures
Warm wintergreen body wrap
Tinsel toes
Treat your feet
Twinkle toes pedicure
Holiday Hot stone massage
Holiday hair event
Winter warmer manicure & pedicure package

Peppermint pedicure

Retail Items to Sell

This should be your best season for GIFT CARDS!!!! (Check the blog post for more info!)
Mistel Toes (pedicure set)

Gift packs
Stocking stuffers
Seasonal makeup colours
Season polish packs
Dry skin therapies
Winter wear
Coffee mug sets
Bath sets
Foot files
Pedicure socks

Click for an Essential oil recipe

Ultrasonic Diffuser - White Essential Oil Diffuser - Aroma Diffuser with Timer

Ideas to Upsell a winter Service

Add a decadent hot cocoa
Add a paraffin treatment
Add a mini facial
Add a mini manicure
Add a hot stone massage
Add a back facial
Add a mini makeup session
Add a peppermint foot massage
Paraffin Wax Machine for Hand and Feet

Decor Ideas for Winter

Twinkle lights
Holiday Tree

2 Set Fairy Lights

Winter Flavoured Snacks

Height of Indulgence Godiva Gift Tower

Christmas Colored Fortune Cookies - Individually Wrapped

christmas candy

Christmas snacks

Winter Themed Drinks

Homemade Hot Chocolate with a Twist

The 12 Cocktails of Christmas

Hot Chocolate Bar Kit

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Valentines day promotions

❤Valentine’s Day❤

This is a big one in the spa and salon industry, so I dedicated a whole section to it.

What comes to mind when you think of Valentines’ Day? love, flowers, candy, presents

February 14th

Colours: Red, pink, purple, silver, white

Scents & Foods: rose, chocolate

Valentines day promotions

Valentine’s Day Specials

-Buy one Service get one free

-Book a full day spa package

-Book couples services

-Gift card specials

Valentine's day pedicure

Promotional Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Heavily encourage pre-booking all over social media
Gift card bonus, purchase a card get a small gift free
14% off everything
Date night special
Treat yourself to a special service
Giftcards fit everyone
Free rose with pre-booked Service on Valentines day
It’s not too late (book a service in the week after valentines day and get 30% off
Give the gift of beauty
Fall in love with your skin
Love is in the hair
Home spa gift sets
Cloud 9 mani & pedi

Salon and spa promotions for valentines day

Treatment Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Free nail art
Head over heels pedicure
Rose body scrub
Chocolate pedicure
Feel the love facial

Retail Items to Sell

This should be your best season for GIFT CARDS!!!! (Check the blog post for more info!)
Gift packs
Seasonal makeup colours
Season polish packs
Bath sets

Essential oils for Valentine’s Day

Ideas to upsell a Valentine’s Day specials

Add a wine
Add a paraffin treatment
Add a mini facial
Add a mini manicure
Add a hot stone massage
Add a back facial
Add a mini makeup session
Add a chocolate foot massage
Paraffin Wax Machine for Hand and Feet

Decor Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Twinkle lights
Heart & love decore

Valentine’s Day Snacks


Valentines day snacks for salons and spas

Valentine’s Day Themed Drinks

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