9 mistakes that beauty professionals make with business cards

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Word of mouth is critical when you are in the service business.  Give those words extra power by backing them up with professional business cards. 



I can’t tell you how often someone has commented on my nails and asked where I get them done.  My response:  Give them a business card.



Business cards are an essential networking tool in the spa and salon industry. Estheticians, nail techs, lash techs and other service professionals need quality business cards to attract clients to their business. If you don’t have a good design or all the correct information on your cards, it’s hard to draw in new clients using this valuable marketing asset.



This is a different blog post from most of our other ones telling you what to do with your business cards; in this blog post, we will share mistakes that beauty professionals make with business cards.


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Mistakes that beauty professionals make with business cards

•Free business cards. Do not use ‘free business cards. A few companies offer FREE business cards (by putting their logo on the back of your card). This is a way to promote their company through you and your new business cards. Unfortunately, there are minimal benefits for you. While you may get free business cards, this business card will likely give the impression of cheapness and amateurs. Would you wear a free business suit with a McDonald’s logo on the back? If not, then don’t do the same with your business cards.



•Picking a generic template. Several online business card shops offer spa or salon (esthetician, nail techs, lash tech, and waxer)templates for business cards. Be unique and get a custom design that highlights your business and can be used as an effective marketing tool. One of the reasons I love Zazzle is that you can design your own or pick a template.

Zazzle is great for custom products



• Hand-written information. Please don’t give out old business cards that you have to scribble out information or write information on with your pen. It looks disorganized and unprofessional.  Always keep a stack of freshly printed, up-to-date business cards.




•Hard to read. Do not overlook the importance of font size and type. Make your business card clear and easy to read for everyone. You don’t want your nail client to arrive at the wrong address because she can’t read the writing on your cards.



• Inconsistent branding. Keep your business colours and logos in mind when designing your business cards. Clients should always associate your business cards with your business, and you can do that by consistently using the same fonts, colours, & logos.




•Proofreading mistakes. The wrong information on your business cards can be misleading and result in lost business. Proofread your business card details before you submit them. Double-check, triple-check, and make sure 100% before printing that the details are correct. This simple thing could save a lot of money if you can avoid reprinting 1000’s of business cards with the wrong information. Grammarly is an excellent proofreader.
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• Non-standard sizing. Do not print your business cards larger than the standard size. I have seen business cards printed larger than average as the spa or salon may want to make their cards stand out. While this may sound like a good idea, it could result in your card not fitting into business card filing systems or easily into wallets. This is best avoided, so stick to standard or smaller sizes.




•Cheap paper.  A lot of attention is paid to the design and colours of a business card, and the same attention should be paid to the paper and coating. Thin paper gives the impression of cheapness and leaves them vulnerable to wear and environmental factors. Choosing a good quality paper will ensure that your cards last long and provide the right impression.




•DIY printing. Do not print your business cards yourself. While not always the case, we see far too many amateurish home-printed cards that give the receiver nothing but a bad impression. Getting your business cards printed professionally is not expensive. The difference in results, in most cases, will be a world apart.

Business Cards for beauty industry



Quality business cards attract quality clients. If you need more information on where to get your business cards printed and how to use them to get new clients check out this blog post.