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How to pick the best spa facial bed

How to pick the best spa facial bed

I don’t want to read all about beds.  Just show me the best selling bed for the most reasonable price.

Best massage table

Best multi-purpose facial bed

Best electric bed

Choosing a spa bed can be a daunting task.  There are hundreds of styles available In this post, you will learn what you should look for in a spa bed, the best place to buy from and reviews on each bed.


I picked  Amazon as the end shopping point for the beds because all of the information about them is in one spot.  They also have tons of reviews and questions about the beds and  I was able to sort through to help me pick the best beds.


Fun fact.  There are more and more Salon and Spa suppliers selling on Amazon because of the ease of shipping and the number of buyers who have switched from buying supplies at the regular supplier to Amazon.


I still advocate that you should support local businesses as much as possible and purchase all professional products at traditional suppliers.  However, when you are buying disposables and sundries there is an opportunity to save money.

I have added pillows and blanket rolls for client comfort.   I really like that the arms come off.   The head rest comes out so clients can put their face in the hole if needed.

I recommend you check out the beds on Amazon and also ask your favourite supplier for a list of beds that they can provide you with.


Before I make any purchase, I am incredibly picky and need to research every single aspect. (Don’t ask me how long it took me to book my last hotel room) So trust me when I say that I have put a lot of thought into this post. I’ve been working on it for a long time.


*Special note*
I’m writing this article geared towards my American readers. (because it is my biggest audience) If there is a better link for Canadians, I’ll put it in the product review. Other countries may be able to purchase from the American links.

Malibu Electric Medical Spa Treatment Table Black By SkinAct

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About my spa facial bed journey

Almost 12 years ago, I started in the spa industry as an esthetician. I opted to start my career working in a day spa. I knew this was the smartest option because I had 3 clients (diehard clients who followed me from beauty school practice clients to my new job because they liked my work)


I knew that I couldn’t afford to start working for myself right off the hop. The start-up costs and lack of clients were tremendous. For a while, it was great. I quickly grew a loyal following. I focused on practicing my services and perfecting them. I read oodles of books on customer service and sales.


After a couple of years and diligently saving every extra penny, I was ready to start on my own. I chose to rent a room out of a salon, taking advantage of the clients who were loyal to the hairstylists.


I had been stockpiling many necessities. Pretty much everything except the biggest piece of equipment I would need. A spa facial bed. I was lucky though. The room I was renting came with one. It wouldn’t have been my first pick, but it was better than nothing and I knocked a few hundred bucks off my start-up costs.

 Roll over image to zoom in STRONGLITE Portable Massage Table Olympia - Double Knobs, Package w/ Adjustable Face Cradle, Face Pillow, Half Round Bolster & Carry Case

Learning about spa facial beds

Now that I was working for myself, I reached out to other estheticians to network. (Sounds weird, right? Aren’t we all fighting each other for clients? That’s a blog post for another day)


I visited other spas and home-based businesses to share ideas about clients, products, sales and equipment. The friends I met were fantastic. We tried each other’s equipment and products regularly. We shared the things that we loved about the items and the pain points they had. This way, we could find unique ideas and furniture and come up with organizational solutions.


When I wasn’t visiting with my networking friends, I was visiting other spas as a client. I often visited beauty schools as well (when you don’t have much cash burning a hole in your pocket you do what you have to do to get another person to give you a facial for once)


This gave me the opportunity to lay down on a lot of spa facial beds.  I am one of those people who notices small details.  Is the bed soft? Is there support on under my legs.  Is my neck sore from the pillow?  Did I need a stool to get on the bed?

BELLAVIE Massage Facial Bed Adjustable Table Chair Beauty Spa Salon Tattoo Beauty, White

FAQ about spa facial beds

I have a lot of other posts about supplies you might want to read later, but I want to share some information on probably the most expensive and most significant piece of equipment. The spa facial bed!


There is a lot to think about when buying your spa facial bed. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions that have come up.


•How high or how low does it go? Don’t just think about your size. Think about your client’s size too. Do you think a client who is 4’5 is going to have a hard time getting on to your bed? Also, think about a client with mobility issues. You have to find a balance between what is a comfortable height for your client and one for yourself. Remember, your client is going to need to get on the bed once a month for about an hour while you have to hunch over it and give multiple facials a day. Can you solve the problem by having a step stool handy? Read more about ergonomics here.


•Are the head, arms, feet or back adjustable? Do you need a flat bed? Or will you need to sit the backrest up and the footrest down for a pedicure?


•How easy is it to clean? Make sure you buy a bed that you can use the proper sanitation products on it!


•What am I using it for? Are you doing lashes, facials, pedicures or waxing? You would be surprised at how versatile these beds are, which is why they are one of the most valuable pieces of equipment.


•Can you easily replace parts? Things break. And it’s nice to be able to purchase replacement parts or get the motors fixed. Do a quick search to make sure you can get replacement parts for the beds that are at the top of your wish list. Also, send in those warranty cards that sometimes come with products!


•How is it getting shipped to you? Have you ever bought something on a website and paid a massive shipping charge? Then have it delivered, and FEDEX requires additional border services and duty payments? So annoying. If you are ordering from a manufacturer, you should email to ask them if there are duty fees. One reason I order so much from Amazon is that the shipping is usually really upfront. And most things are returnable. Also, some companies won’t ship to PO boxes. Or if the item is big enough, you may be forced to pick it up a drop point. When in doubt, send an email to the company!


•What is the warranty? Check to see what the return policy is. What happens if the motor or another piece breaks?


•How comfortable is it for your clients? Most beds are pretty comfortable. The client usually only lays on it for a short time.  Maybe an hour or two. Sometimes buying extra bolsters, pillows, or pads can be a quick fix.


•What does it cost? What is your budget? Is it worth having all the bells and whistles? Keep in mind, depending on where you live; this could be a tax write off! (save the detailed receipts)

Skin Act Supreme Edition Wooden Frame Massage Table with Adjustable Hight

Which spa facial bed should you choose?

When I quit renting a room from a salon, I purchased a basic massage table. I wasn’t in the financial position to buy a more versatile fancy spa facial bed.


One thing I wish someone would have told me was that I should have bought a bed with electrically adjustable heights as soon as I possibly could. I waited for 2 years. I didn’t know that it would take a massive toll on my back. My first big purchase was a pedicure chair and I wish I would have done it the other way around.


If you are just starting out and your budget is limited, then start with this section. But if you have the cash and are ready to make a more significant purchase, scroll down a bit.

I chose the massage table I have now for lashing as I found having a wider table made the clients more comfortable.

Massage Tables

Generally, the starting massage beds are pretty basic and very inexpensive.  That’s ok! I bought my first one off Amazon for $140. And it worked for what I needed. You can also spruce up a massage bed using pillows or bolsters to make it more comfortable for clients.

Massage beds all have the same pros and cons:
Very cheap
Easily cleanable
Lightweight and easily packs away for a small space.

They are flat.
They have no height adjustment

⭐⭐⭐⭐Least expensive – BestMassage 73″ Standard bed

This is a great massage bed for its price

USA Price

CAN Price

This is a great table for the price (Check the current price)
It comes with all the standard options (height adjustment, portable, PVC leather etc. It has over 2000 reviews (most are positive)  There are a couple of reviews that mention defects ( rip in the handle, problems with the bag, it feels less sturdy). Those were older reviews and I am assuming they have rectified them since the last 50+ reviews were all really good. Also, this seller has a 30-Day money-back guarantee.

Special Note: If you are doing lashes or microblading, you can’t really put your legs under the bed so you will want to pick another bed.

Click on the bed and scroll down to take a look at some of the other options or styles this bed comes in.

💲Money-back guarantee

➕Comes with accessories

Positions: Flat with Flexible headrest

Padding: 2” thick sponge

Size: 73″ Long 28″ Wide

Height: adjustable from 24″ to 34″ 

Weight capacity: 450lbs

⭐⭐⭐⭐Best larger clients-Master Massage
This bed is very comfortable for clients and especially larger clients. It also comes with Reiki Panels and Shiatsu Cable Release.

USA price

CAN Price

I found this bed after reading about dozens of beds on Amazon. This bed is very comfortable for clients and especially larger clients. It also comes with Reiki Panels and Shiatsu Cable Release. It has a lot of really great reviews! I’ve read through all the negative reviews. Some people have mentioned a smell from the bed (like chemical) and I wonder if it’s because the material is oil, water and, abrasion resistant? I have also read that some have mentioned that the headrest feels flimsy. There is a manufacturer’s warranty but at the time I wrote this I was still waiting on the information to arrive. It does say that it has a 5-year warranty.

💲5 Year Guarantee

➕Comes with accessories

Positions: Flat with Flexible headrest

Padding: 3-inch 3-layer Memory Foam

Size: 84″ Long 31″ Wide

Height: adjustable from 24″ to 34″

Weight capacity: 750lbs 😲

⭐⭐⭐⭐Best overall bed –Sierra Comfort

USA Price

CAN Price

This is the bed that I had when I first started working from home. I never had any problems other than some wear and tear on the fabric after a year. I’m assuming it’s because I use a hospital-grade disinfectant to clean the bed. There are very few bad reviews but I don’t see anything that comes up over and over. You sure can’t beat the price.

💲2-Year Limited Warranty

➕Comes with accessories (Only fitted bottom sheet, face cushion sheet)

Positions: Flat with Flexible headrest

Padding: 2” High-Density Foam Deck

Size: 73″ Long 28″ Wide

Height: adjustable from 25.5″ to 33.5″

Weight capacity:400 lbs

Adjustable Spa Facial Beds

Facial beds all have a variety of pros and cons. I’ll share each one and give my take on each bed. I own an electric bed, but I have laid down on almost every single type of facial bed out there. I have taught at schools and did one on one training at many spas, so I have had the opportunity to try nearly every single one.

⭐⭐⭐⭐A step up from a flat bed- 3 fold bed

Yaheetech 84inch Portable Folding Massage Table Facial Salon SPA Bed With Carry Case, 3 Fold, Extra Wide, Black.

USA Price

CAN Price

I like this table because it has an adjustable backrest.  It also has PVC leather, waterproof and oil proof. There was only one one-star review and it was from 2018. It’s just like a flat bed but one section can fold up.


➕Comes with accessories 

Positions: 3 movable position

Padding: 2” sponge

Size: 84″ Long 32″ Wide

Height: adjustable from 25″ to 33″

Weight capacity:551lbs

⭐⭐⭐⭐Stationary Massage Spa Bed

Artist Hand Massage Table Adjustable Massage Bed W/Free Barber Stool Spa Bed Salon Massage Equipment

USA Price

CAN Price

There are many comments from lash technicians who like this bed. This is a very popular style of bed and I’m pretty sure everyone has been on one at some point. The height is not adjustable but the head and the foot of the table moves into a variety of positions. The backrest can be reclined from 90°to 180°. The footrest can be reclined from 45°to 180°.


➕Comes with accessories (Stool)

Positions: Lay flat or adjustable head and foot positions

Padding: PVC Leather, High-Density Sponge

Size: 74″ Long 34″ Wide

Height: 31″ 

Weight capacity:375 lbs

⭐⭐⭐Hydraulic Bed

Beauty Style Spa Facial Massage Table Multi-function Beauty Bed Adjustable Massage Bed White

USA Price

CAN Price

Ok.  I was iffy about whether I was going to put this table on the list but I know there will be a lot of people considering it.  I worked in a spa for a few years that had this bed. It’s a pretty standard length and thickness. The hydraulic lift was awesome and it swivels around.  But. You have to watch which way it is positioned and which way your client gets on it. If the table is not lined up with the bed, it will tip over. (You’ll only let that happen once because after that you will be really paranoid.)  Once the client is on it, it’s fine. This bed has very mixed reviews so you should really read through them yourself to see if this is the right bed for the type of service you proved. Also, I find this bed kind of short. Read all reviews here:


Positions: Lay flat or adjustable head and foot positions

Padding: Eco-leather covering

Size: 67″ Long 22″ Wide

Height: adjustable 23.4″-29.5″ high

Weight capacity:100 lbs



Electric Facial Tables

I have an electric spa facial bed right now. I wish I would have purchased an electric bed right at the start of my career. Currently, I have had the same bed for 7 years and I love it. I have never had a problem with breakdowns and It feels very sturdy. One thing is that it is very heavy. If you need to move it around you should put pads on the bottom.

⭐⭐⭐⭐Dir Electric Facial Bed

 Facial Beauty Bed Medical Aesthetic Tattoo Procedure Bed With Electrical Adjustments

USA Price

CAN Price

This bed has the highest star reviews. It is incredible! After reading the reviews, there are a lot of different types of services that it is being used for.  I really like that there are hand and foot remotes to adjust the bed. It comes fully assembled out of the box.

Shipping via Freight with Delivery Notification and Curbside Delivery ONLY and NOT be bought inside your business or residence.

Replacement parts are available from the manufactures

💲 1-year warranty

Positions: Duo electro-hydraulic motor for height and reclining backrest adjustment.

Padding: High-density memory foam with high-grade faux leather

Size: 75″ Long 35″ Wide

Height: Adjustable  24 1.2″ to 34 1/2″

Weight capacity:400 lbs


 Roll over image to zoom in Black Electric Tattoo Massage Facial Table Bed Chair Barber Beauty Spa Salon EquipmentUSA Price

CAN Price

This is another great option for an electric bed and is less expensive.  It has mixed reviews but there is a really detailed review I think that anyone in the esthetics industry would like The bed does have to be put together and is shipped in 2 boxes.  Again there are mixed reviews just like most products. Some have mentioned that it is not “luxurious” comfort but it is fine for waxing and tattoos.  This can be easily rectified with a table pad though. I’ve been on this bed before and it was fine as far as comfort. I do like that there is a plugin right in the bed so if you had a heating pad it would plug right into that.

Replacement parts are available from the manufactures

Amazon offers Pay $99.98/month for 6 months (plus S&H, tax) with 0% interest equal monthly payments when you’re approved for an Amazon Store Card.

💲 1-year warranty

➕Matching Air-Lift Technician Stool

Positions: Duo electro-hydraulic motor for height and reclining backrest adjustment.

Padding: 4″ thick high density foam

Size: 72″ Long 32″ Wide

Height: Adjustable from 26″ to 31″ high 

Weight capacity:400 lbs

⭐⭐⭐⭐Mirrage Electric Spa Treatment Table

Roll over image to zoom in Mirrage Electric Spa Treatment Table (Massage, Facial Bed)

USA Price

CAN Price

This bed was created for available for luxury collection resorts or high-end day spas and medi-spas. It also boasts a Whisper quiet motor. It would be excellent for anyone who needs an ultra-luxurious bed that is sturdy and doesn’t need to move it around. I didn’t find reviews on Amazon, but I looked on a bunch of sites and found only positive reviews. I really like all of the storage under the bed too. Replacement parts are available from the manufactures.

💲 1-year warranty

➕Matching Air-Lift Technician Stool

Positions: Multiple adjustable positions

Padding: 6″ thick cushion

Size: 81″ Long 33″ Wide

Height: Adjustable 25″ – 33″

Weight capacity:500 lbs

⭐⭐⭐⭐Alva Monte Carlo

Spa Salon Electric Facial Hydraulic Chair Bed Table High End Equipment Monte Carlo (Coffee)USA Price

CAN Price

This is another luxury spa bed with a different shape.  The headrest can be extended and the bed can also swivel. The bed itself can be lowered very close to the floor which is a bonus! This one also has a reset button on the back that will bring the chair into a seated position with one push of the button. The only negative thing I have read about this bed is that you can’t buy a custom cover for it. Also, it is not very long. Replacement parts are available from the manufactures. Colours: Black, White or Coffee

💲 1-year warranty

Positions: Multiple adjustable positions

Padding:5″ layer of soft, comfortable Ultra Plush Cushion

Size: 64″ Long 22″ Wide

Height: Adjustable 25″ – 33″

Weight capacity:500 lbs


Even if you have the perfect table you might need to stock up on some key accessories.  Take a look at some of my favourites.