Elevate Your Salon Services: Simple Ways to Increase Service Value


Outshine Your Competition & Boost Earnings

In the bustling beauty industry, standing out is key. Increasing service value in your salon, spa, or home-based beauty business doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s about creating memorable experiences that keep clients loyal and happy. As a nail tech, lash tech, esthetician, or waxer, small changes can make a big impact.


The Power of Experience Over Discounts

“Experiences are perceived as more valuable than money,” says Forbes. Instead of cutting prices, focus on offering unique experiences to reward loyal customers. This approach not only retains clients but also elevates your brand’s value.


Personal Touches: The Secret to Client Retention

In my previous blog post, “Small Things That Keep Your Clients Coming Back,” I highlighted the importance of personal touches. Adding small gestures or service extras makes your offerings more personal and memorable.


Entrepreneur.com emphasizes, “Improving customer experience and satisfaction helps in retaining them and winning over competitors.” In today’s market, where consumers are more aware of their choices, leveraging this can be a game-changer.

Strategies to Increase Service Value


1. Affordable Consumables: Free Delights

Offering free consumables like coffee or essential oils, costing less than $2.00, adds a touch of luxury without a hefty price tag.


2. Premium Add-Ons: First Taste Free

Consider giving a free trial for higher-end add-ons like paraffin hand dips or lip masks. Statistics show that over 60% of clients will likely purchase an add-on after trying it.


3. Loyalty Programs: Exclusive Club Feel

Introduce a loyalty program to make clients feel special. A simple gesture like handing out a loyalty card can significantly enhance client relations. Dive deeper into loyalty systems in our detailed blog post HERE.


4. Smart Booking: Maximize Appointments

When bookings are below 75%, offer free add-ons to fill your schedule. This strategy avoids discounting services while adding value for the client.



My Favorite Add-ons For Increasing Service Value

There are many things you can do to make your service more special or add on an extra to the service.
•Offer paraffin hand or feet dips

•Add on Lip-plumping masks,

•Add on Easy to apply peel off mask

•Give a free Lip Wax

•Moisture hand treatment, (cuticle oil, thick hand cream wrapped in a warm towel)

•Essential oil of choice in the diffuser is a nice add on

•Offer coffee, tea, spa water (Keep paper cups to go on hand)

•Heated neck warmers keep clients war and relaxed

•Make sure the room is decorated luxuriously

•Offer an electric massage pad or foot massager

•Have salt lamps or candle going

•Add on hair treatment

•Give out take home samples

•Use cloth napkins and sheets whenever possible (instead of paper)

•Offer phone charging

•Offer online booking

•Accept credit cards and debit cards


Conclusion: Small Changes, Big Impact

Not every tip will suit your business, but experimenting with one or two can significantly enhance your client’s experience. These minor upgrades or improvements don’t just make your services special; they build loyalty and set you apart in the competitive beauty industry.


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