Free Esthetics Technical Training Modules

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Check out our FREE Esthetics Technical Training Manuals for estheticians and other beauty professionals

FREE Esthetics Technical Training Manuals

These educational resources have been created by the Esthetician community of Saskatchewan.  These FREE Esthetics Technical Training Manuals provide high-quality Canadian content for the Estheticians of Saskatchewan.  It is hoped that they will bring consistency to the content delivered by training providers across the province and the country. These resources are helping the Esthetician industry transition into a trade populated by skilled, knowledgeable, trained, and respected workers.

Why we should continually educate ourselves

Education serves many purposes and creates an Free Esthetics Training Manualsequally diverse set of outcomes for each individual.


Education helps people improve their lives in both tangible and intangible ways; as a result, society also improves: standards of living rise, critical thinking skills expand, and the quality of an individual’s contributions to the group increases.


The Esthetician community of Saskatchewan has created the first educational materials for a trade that are applicable nationwide and without cost.  The  FREE Esthetics Technical Training Manuals are meant to be in all Canadian jurisdictions and will ease the process of additional provinces wishing to designate this trade.  

The materials are provided FREE of charge.  Please download these manuals and share them with anyone who is interested in staying up to date in the esthetics industry.


Sanitation, Disinfection, and SterilizationEST 1 Sanitizing, Disinfecting, and Sterilizing

This will take you to SATTC website and the booklet is at the bottom of the Page

Esthetician – All Trades Tools and Equipment-FREE Esthetics Technical Training ManualsEST 2 Tools and Equipment


Saskatchewan apprenticeship orientationEST 3 Apprenticeship Orientation

Business Management Part - 1 Client Information-FREE Esthetics Technical Training Manuals

EST 4 Business Management Part – 1


Business Management Part - 2 Reception DutiesEST 5 Business Management Part – 2

Business Management Part - 3 Salon ManagementEST 6 Business Management Part – 3

Business Management – Part 4 Small Business BasicsEST 7 Business Management Part – 4

Business Management Part - 5 Retail CalculationsEST 8 Business Management Part – 5

Safety Part - 1 Legislation, Regulations, and PoliciesEST 9 Safety Part 1 Legislation, Regulations, and Policies

EST 10 Safety Part 2 Hazardous Materials and Fire ProtectionEST 10 Safety Part 2 Hazardous Materials and Fire Protection

Skin Physiology, Types, and ConditionsEST 13 Skin Physiology, Types, and Conditions

Esthetician – Skin Care Technician Lash and Brow Tints

                                                                          EST 21 Lash and Brow Tints

Nail Growth; Hand and Foot Disorders and Diseases

EST 22 Nail Growth_ Hand and Foot Disorders and Diseases

Esthetician – All Trades ManicuresEST 23 Manicures

Esthetician – All Trades Specialized ManicuresEST 24 Specialized Manicures 

Learn how to do pedicures the right way-FREE Esthetics Technical Training ManualsEst 26 Pedicures

Learn how to do specialty pedicures-FREE Esthetics Technical Training Manuals

EST 27 Specialized Pedicures-

Nail tips and forms

EST 28 Nail Tips and Forms

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Free Esthetics Training Manuals


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