Save on your next conference or trip

Learn how to save on your next conference or trip

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Learn how to save on your next conference or trip


It is important to learn how to save on your next conference or trip because depending on where you live, you may have a hard time finding continuing education or conferences near your home town.  I personally have had to do some extensive travel to get some new esthetics courses under my belt. Travelling for conferences is also an excellent way of meeting new friends in the same industry you are in. 

Travel Tips 

•When you travel for courses, you may be able to use the expenses as a tax write off.  Save all your receipts, for food, travel, hotels, taxis etc for your accountant. Keep an envelope handy in your luggage so you don’t lose them.

•Travel in a group if possible.  You can save money by driving as a group or sharing hotel rooms.

•Watch for early bird specials.  Some conferences or class offer a discount if you book your ticket in advance.

•Many events will have cash and carry.  Check ahead of time so you can plan to add an extra bag or suitcase.

•Can you pack everything in a backpack?  Most airlines charge for luggage now so if you can travel with a carry on bag and skip the luggage.

Learn how to save on your next conference or trip
My Favorite travel              backpack

•Can the class or conference provider ship the items you purchase to your home or workplace?  This can be cheaper and safer than hauling it on a plane.

•Learn how to pack lightly to save space for course material and samples


that can help you save money on beauty business travel

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Learn how to save on your next conference or trip

Calendar of beauty business events

Coupon codes and deals

It can get expensive to travel, so I wanted to share some of the coupon codes and discounts that some of my affiliates have shared with me.

Staying at Airbnb?

I know there are a lot of you out there who are heading to conferences and take classes away from your hometown so I wanted to share a discount code for Airbnb! Right now they are running a promotion that you can save $45 when you sign up for a new account and book a stay.  Click the link below to see how you can save today. 

Every little bit helps right?


Prefer VRBO?

Vrbo is a part of the HomeAway family, the world’s leading online marketplace for vacation rentals, representing over 1 million properties in 190 countries. Many people are familiar with the ease and convenience of staying in a home away from home.  Plus they even offer an easy way to find a home that you can bring your pet to!

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