Increasing service value

Increasing service value can build client loyalty.

Increasing Service Value

Increasing service value can cost you very little and keep your clients loyal. I think you will agree with me that you would rather go to the doctor’s office that is clean, uses cloth sheets and has fresh flowers in the room rather than the normal plain doctor’s office.

“Experiences are perceived as more valuable than money. Instead of offering discounts or referral bonuses, give loyal customers special experiences as a reward for their continued business. “-

In my blog post “Small things that keep your clients coming back” I talk a lot about small gestures or add-ons to a service that makes your services seem more personal, stand out and increase value.

“By improving on the experience and satisfaction delivered to your customers, you’re erasing the chances of losing them to you competitors. In the age of improved consumer awareness, customers are now well aware of the powers that lie in the choices they make. Use this opportunity to your own advantage.”

The Rules

Some entrepreneurs offer add-ons at a small charge. There are some pros and cons to charging for these small add-ons.

Pro= higher-dollar service amount.

Con= your clients will feel nickel and dimed.

I do not have a magic formula for what I charge clients for extras or what I include in the cost of a service, but I generally follow a few rules:

Any consumable (coffee, essential oil, snacks) that cost me less than $2.00, I give these to clients for free.

Higher end add-ons I charge for (paraffin hand dip, lip masks etc.) but I will always give an add-on to every client at least once so they can try it. I have found that over 60% of clients will purchase an add on at least once after trying it.

If I am booked less than 75% full that’s when I start to give free add-ons to my clients to increase my service VALUE. I advertise to clients that they will get a free add-on when they book between certain dates. This eliminates discounts on the actual service and will likely cost between $2-3 to me.

No matter how full I am booked, I ask every single client if they would like to purchase an add-on. It’s apart of the phone call or online booking.

My Favorite Add-ons For Increasing Service Value

There are many things you can do to make your service more special or add on an extra to the service.
Add paraffin hand or feet dips, lip plumping masks, easy to apply peel off maskYou can start increasing service value by giving clients free add ons
Lip Wax
Moisture hand treatment, (cuticle oil, thick hand cream wrapped in a warm towel)
Essential oil of choice in the diffuser
Coffee, tea, spa water (Keep paper cups to go on hand)
Heated neck warmers
Make sure the room is decorated luxuriously
Have a heating pad
Add an electric massage pad or foot massager
Have salt lamps and candle going
Your clients will love the little upgrades to services or improvements to your space and this will increase their loyalty to you.

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